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Is she not socializing enough?? Lock Rss

I have an 18 month old girl at home who i used to take to a mothers group but recently gave birth to a baby girl. Since this I find it hard to get out of my PJ's let alone get her out of the house to interact with other kids. Do you think she is missing out if she isnt involved with other kids or that she should be with other kids? What does everyone else do? Does it really matter if she is at home most the time. HELP.

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

Nah at 18months they dont really play with each other any way, but it is still good for them to spend time with other children.

I hope that you are coping OK with 2 babies and just dont find the time to get out. IF you are not going out cos you are feeling depressed thats probably not so great for DD as she might start to feel sad too.

Have you thought about putting your 18month old in care for 1 day a week...It would mean she gets to spend time with other people (kids & adults) and you can have time with just you and baby to bond or maybe catch up on some sleep/housework/shopping/anything.

Any way i think if you aim for once a week (even if you only do it once a fortnight) find something playland, shops, playgroup, mums group, daycare ANYTHING!!!!

Blah blah blah sorry for going on at you, hope everything is good and try not to stress wink

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

I think socialising is really important and love the previous posters suggestions. Even if you can just do a play group once a week, it would do you all the world of good. At 18 months, DD and the other kids at kindy were extremely social. There were lots of benefits to their learning as well as my sanity - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

day care is a good idea, then you get a little break. she gets the interactment she needs from other kids =) goodluck

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i think kids need to play with other kids even if they dont play together at 18 months they like to be around each other, it is hard to get out of the house with the two but unless were sick i make sure we get to playgroup each week, even ds#2 loves it at 15 months. and its good for us too gets us out and interacting with other adults.
Do you have friends with kids who could come to visit you? If they are good friends they wont worry about the state of the house or you still in your pj's, and they might even give you a hand with bubs while your little one plays with their kids and gets the socialising she needs!!! I take my hat off to you managing two kids under 2. I think you are doing a fabulous job and i am sure your little ones will be fine, but the other good thing about socialising is that she will give you a breather while she is doing it!!!


I wouldn't stress about it too much. The staying at home is only a short term thing and as your baby gets older you will find it easier to get out and about. A wouldn't say a few mths would do her any harm at all ... from memory Ryan didn't have a whole lot of contact with other kids for the first 6mths after Jayden was born either. As another mum suggested tho is it possible to occassionally get someone to come to you or even a day or two a week in child care if you are really concerned. Also within 12mths your DD will have PLENTY of practice interacting with other kids when your youngest is a bit older. From the time Jayden was about 9mths old my two really started to interact and now at the ages they are at (almost 3 and 19mths) they are like shadows of each other always in each others company and with that comes learning to share and plenty of other socialising skills I have found.

Good luck

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