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what stage is your 2 yr old at? Lock Rss

Hi everyone.
I have a little girl who turned two in April (she is 25 months).
I am curious about her development, how she compares to most others (in a nice way). I'd like to know if I should be working more with her in any particular area.

Does your 2 yr old know their colours?

What about counting, for eg, 1 - 10?

Are they talking, if so, how clearly?

What about colouring in and drawing?

The alphabet perhaps?

Catching/kicking balls etc (co-ordination skills)

Anything else you feel of interest to contribute.

I have been teaching her the colours but am wondering if I am expecting to much at this point or if I should be spending more time to help her understand.


Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

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I wanted to share a few websites that my son and I go to. From this he is learning his ABC's and says a few of the letters and anticipates them. He also knows when to use the keyboard.

He also likes Boobah:


Vaccines: Question what you're told...

my son Lleyton turned 2 on the 25th june and is a real terror. From the minute he's awake till the moment he's asleep (which can be 1-2hrs each day...if I'm lucky). He is a dare devil but doesn't help he's copying his almost 5 year old sister, jumping off the lounge, climbing up the slippery slide or going down backwards,not good! Is alking a lot and isvery clear but once again has Maddison to copy, knows most colours and can count almost to ten, of course 1, 2 and 3 is his favourite numbers used a lot every day! Feeds himself really well and even dresses himself great, sleeps in a toddler bed from 6pm till anywhere between 5 and 6am, but has just started getting jealous of his 8 month old sisternow she's moreinteractive with us plays up to get the attention.


BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

Hi there,
I have a 27 month old daughter and im a stay at home mum who loves teaching her new things.

To answer you questions She knows all her basic colours,counts from 1 to 10,Also knows where she lives and sings the whole alphabet.And knows her shapes.

The way she talks people quite often think she is older.

Other activities she enjoys is loves watching Hi-5,playing outside and swimming.

Idont think your expecting to much as you just teaching your child basic things.

Caroline Springs

My eldest turned two in January.

Does your 2 yr old know their colours? Yes, but still thinks yellow is red!

What about counting, for eg, 1 - 10? Yes, counts everything, up to 10.

Are they talking, if so, how clearly? Reasonably clearly, i can understand what she's communicating 95% of the time. She has fairly good sentences.

What about colouring in and drawing? Can draw a circle and square.

The alphabet perhaps? Haven't started.

Catching/kicking balls etc (co-ordination skills) Can kick, not drop kick. Can catch a light ball most of the time.

Anything else you feel of interest to contribute
Basically, just try to teach her anything you want. I know ours always suprises us with how well she picks things up. I think we always see our kids as younger than they are!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

hi Linda my little girl was 2 in january and seems to be quite advanced as far as i can tell in some areas and not in others. she can count to 20 she sings her alphabet and knows her colours she can easily have an adult conversation she catches balls sometimes but not often she can kick them as we were aware of her lacking those skills and we started taking her to a gym class when she was about 15months
she has a terrible temper
she cannot ride her bike using the pedals or steer
she has just started climbing on everything at the park wobbly bridges ect which used to scare her
her favourite thing to say is "I CANT" we are trying to reinforce saying I CAN
we play i spy in the car adapted of course as she knows her colours we say things like i spy something blue and she will answer eg the sky
she loves painting and colouring she just does circles and lines
she loves books and enjoys the same one being read over and over till she knows it off by heart
what can your little one do?

Anita,QLD,mother of madi,lachlan and harrison

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