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weight and height at 19 months Lock Rss

i would like to hear back from others, what height and weight your(19 m/o) toddler is.
My son is 86cm tall and weighs 13kg.
He weighed this at 10 months old and hasnt put on any weight since, but has progressively grown taller.
How is your toddler doing?

man child is growing up too quickly!

My daughter is 20 months and weighs 14kg but I don't know her height.

My son Baylie is 20 mths old and is 16kg and 90cm tall - isn't it sad how fast they grow from babies to little people.

Carissa, QLD 2yr son

WOW! what a big boy you have!! my daughter is 11 kg and 83cm tall. shes a slim child not skinny though.

Cheryl,SA,Danika born 24.10.03 Matthew born 5.3.05

hello , my daughter charlotte is nearly 19 months old and she weights in on 9.1 kgs and length is 68 cm she is a little fatty.chatlotte was born at 4.10 punds and 41 cm long.


Cameron is now 15months old, I dont know what he is at the moment, I had him done at 12months and he was 11.5kgs and 83cm tall.. the health nurse said he was the equivalant of an 18month old in height and weight for 12months.

Kylie - Mum to Cameron 11-06-04


My little boy is just 19mnths weighs 14kg and is 88cm. He is in the 98th percentile for his height.
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