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Public Disciplining??? Lock Rss


I have a very vivacious 22 month old daughter! She is very energetic and a bit of a handful when we are out and about. She strives on routine - and is very set in her ways - which I think is the main problem when we are out and about as she doesn't know the limits. However I don't know how to go abotu doing this when we are out and about???

We live about 1/2 away from town so going home when she plays up isn't an option. I also have a 6 week old so my hands are usually full!

Hence why I need suggestions! Thankyou!

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

How do you normally discipline her at home? I would probably just do the same when you're out so she knows the rules and consequences are the same. This way they know they don't get away with things just because there's other people around. I've never hesitated to put my kids in time out (as we do at home) when we're out and they're generally pretty good kids in public. The key is to not care what others think - there will always be people who think you're doing the right thing and other people who think you're wrong (who will usually stop and tell you!), no matter what you do.

I also try and see it from their point of view and make sure that they're having an okay time. I remember times when I shopped with my mum and had to just follow her around bored out of my brain. So I try and keep my kids engaged and give them small things to do, or even just sing silly songs with them as we walk around. Anything to keep them occupied.

If she loves her routine, you could try letting her know what the plan is for the day. My 3 year old is much better when she knows what to expect in a day. So each day, and whenever we go out I'll tell her what the plan is. I think saying things like "after buying some shoes we'll sit down and eat our lunch" will help her make some sense of the day. You could also remind her of the rules as you're about to do things. For example, before you go into the shop look her in the face and remind her not to touch anything unless you ask her to pass you something.

I hope this helps.
Did you end up using one of those leash thingies? I remember ages back we were chatting about those on a thread.

So do you have a pram that Arianna can sit in or does she walk with you?

DD is really independant so walks with us, but the rule has always been she has to hold a hand. That wouldn't really work for you with a newborn - lol.

Even all the discipline in the world isn't going to stop them from wandering off, I think they all have low attention spans and get one track minds when they see exciting things. I still think I would use a leash if not a pram that could have DD stand or sit - semi restrained.

Its a tricky one and I'm so glad you have two bubs so I can learn all your tricks and hit you up for advice in years to come when we have another - HA HA AH !!!

You rock Aletha, so glad to see you back on this site. You have missed out on some fun thats for sure.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I know I am out with my daughter and she is a handful as well and I normally take her stroller with me and make sure we have tones of food so I can keep her in the stroller or buy her a healthy drink and she will sit in it while I do my shopping and etc.

The other thing that I do is that if Jaye is walking in the shopping centre she has to hold our hand and that keeps her busy and happy or even maybe just get a trollery so you can put the newborn in the carry area for bubs and have your older daughter in the sitting area so she can keep her little sister safe.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I really don't know what the world is coming to when you get into trouble for smacking your child out in public?
If you don't pull them up when you are out the same you would at home,they will play up the minute you leave the house knowing full well they will get away with it!

I just do the same, I always had my daughter holding to the stroller when walking infact as a slmost 7yr old she still does walking to school, put my toddler in the stroller(no escapees thanks) and now my almost 4 yr pld holds the other side of the stroller where my 2 yr old sits, it works and they all know to behave while out in public or they all know we will smack them.

good luck,

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

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