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not walking or talking is this normal Lock Rss


I have a 14month old boy and he does not walk or talk yet he does stand up when he gets the chance is this normal or should i take him to the doctors. My daughter started walking at one and talking at 5months so i am very worried about it but i dont want to over react.

Your thoughts are appreciated

It is perfectly normal particularly if he is standing. All children develop at their own rate.

DS1 walked at 15mths yet spoke in sentences at 12mths

DS2 walked at 10mths but didn't talk in sentences until 20mths

DD1 walked at 14mths (12mths corrected) and has a reasonable word vocabulary

DS3 (who is DD's twin) walked at 17mths (15mths corrected) and is only just starting to refer to things by naming them.

Michele, NSW, Taea Grace & Bailey Stephen 25.09.05

I have a nephew who is 17 months and only just walking. He really doesn't talk much either. He can be noisy, but only has a couple of words. He's a second baby too. Their first walked late too (as did his dad), but was talking quite early.

I don't think the walking is an issue - in the long run it's not really going to matter when he walks. Apparently the average walking age is 13 months, so he's not that far off it.

With his talking, maybe look at how you interact with him. Because he's your second you might find you're not talking to him one-on-one like you did with your first. You might also not be encouraging him to use words, because you understand what he wants without him using words. If this is the case then you might have to try to remember to encourage him to talk rather than point, or grunt when he wants sonething (my SIL is currently trying this and thinks it's helping). I know that my first talks beautifully while my second has really bad pronounciation and no-one else can understand her. I know this is because we've not repeated words back to her and all that other stuff you do with the first. It's so easy to forget to do these things with the second child when it's not so exciting and you don;t have so much time and energy. When we crack down and ask her to talk clearly she can, but we have to stay on top of her. So maybe just have a look at how he's communicating with you and make sure you encourage him. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about yet though.

Also, I think boys are usually slower with their talking than girls.
hey, sometimes boys are slower then girls-MY nephew didnt start walking until 14mths and didnt start talking until he went to day care (2y/o) and had social interaction with other children.
Have u considered day care once a week?
He might get 'inspired' to join in.

I would not worry, he is still a little baby!! I wish Joel wasnt walking at 14 mths! LOL he started at 9mths and keep me on my toes! LOL

I really would not be worrying at this stage:)

Let us know how u go with all:)

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

I don't think I would be worried about the not talking bit yet. When you say he isn't talking, do you mean he's not even babbling, or do you mean he isn't saying words you understand?

If he's not saying words that you understand then that is OK, if he isn't babbling or baby talk at all, then there is a problem.

Also with walking, are you concerned about it? If you are at all concerned then take him to the doctor.

At 14 months it isn't a problem especially since you mention he is standing.

My daughter didn't walk until 18 months but she has orthotics in her shoes and has problems that she is seeing a physio for. These are problems I never would have really picked up on my own, that is why I mention that it is worth seeing a doctor if you are at all concerned.

My 16 month old is still not walking but runs when he is pushing his Winnie the Pooh train! He can stand by himself but doesn't do it very often and will walk holding onto my hand. I figure he will walk when he is ready but will probably get him checked out if he isn't walking by 18 months. He has only a few words in his vocabulary at the moment.

Helen, WA Mum of Michael 14.12.05


my ds is about 14 and a half months and is learning to walk now nut still prefers walking. he doesnt talk as such and on only says words like mama, dada, nana and door and is just starting to learn ta. but on the other hand one of my friends daughters didnt start walking until 20mths old. i wouldnt worry too much as he will when he is ready.

i know how you feel as other children younger than jayden are already walking quite good and i feel bad for jayden but then realise he will do it eventually.

i was called ballo!

WOW, you girls ahve changed my view, I thought that 14months is way too late and would have my baby at the Docs if it were me, but now I see it is perfectly normal......

Glad you are feeling better about it smile

DD1 walked at 13mths, DD2 at 10.5!! Lots of people bandy around 12 mths as average, but really 12 mths is on the early side of average IYKWIM.

DD1 didnt really say much until she was probably 18 mths old and now I cant shut her up !! (she is 3.5) DD2 is 13mths and "saying" a lot more thinkgs that are recognisable to us.

Sit back and enjoy it. All too soon they will be asking a trillion questions a day such, usually with the refrain "but WHY!!" and running you ragged, relax why you can.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

all children are different. and even if they are your own children.. YOU CANT COMPARE THEM. they are all different little people. they wont talk, walk, dance, jump at the same times. they all learn in there own sweet time =) good luck.

if your worried go talk to a speach therapist but hes still young , =)

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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