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How to stop baby putting hands down her throat? Lock Rss

Hi i have a 14 month old daughter, she has a habit of putting her hands down her throat until she gags and then continues to do it constantly. When she does this i hand her something or put her dummy in but after 5 minutes she starts to do it again.

I was out shopping the other day and she started doing this and a lady in front of me said that she was choking and i told her that she does it all the time and i can't get her to stop and she looked at me in disgust. Has anyone else had this problem?
My boy does this as well - he is 13 months, he has done it for a couple of months. No idea why, and no idea how to stop it. He is doing it less often now than a while ago when he'd do it a couple of times a day. I try and distract him, but I dont really know what else to do either... Its a bit disturbing really...

Suz, NSW

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