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What age did your kids start preschool? Lock Rss

I'm curious to find out what age everyone started their little ones at preschool?
Does anyone have an opinion about when they think toddlers might be mentally ready to start preschool, and do you think it differs between the sexes?
My little one is a couple of months off turning 2 and I don't think I could bare to leave him at a preschool. Goodness me, I won't leave him any longer then an hour and thats with my sister and mum.
I'm just curious as to what other mum's are doing in this department.
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My son started family daycare when he was about 6mths old - and this was for only 4hrs a day, 2 days a week. Now he is 21mths old and he goes 4 days a week 6.5hrs a day and he absolutely loves it.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about leaving him - but to have him going to another mothers house and knowing that he would be looked after with one on one care as she only has 2 other children, is a really big relief.

Don't worry it gets easier, it is hard at first, but it does get easier.

Carissa, QLD 2yr son

it depends if you are refering to preschool or daycare...

preschool is only recommanded the year before they start school that is why it is called pre school..
daycare whenever you wish
[email protected]
Hi Lynette,
Being a fulltime uni student studying, early childhood education, I had to put my daugther into daycare from 4 mths. It was only for 1 & 1/2 hrs 1 day a week but I feel it was good for her. She is now 15mths old and has been going for 6 mths 4 days a week. The time per day depends on my classes but if she dosent go she is cranky all day. She has friends who she plays really well with and has execllent speech (for her age). It is a very individual choice and haing worked in longday care 0-2's I know that it is also very dependant on the child. Perhaps start looking at occasional care so you only pay for the time you use and then start by taking him/her for maybe even half an hour at a time to see how you both cope. Good luck and dont be forced into what you dont want to do.
Feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Melissa,Bathurst,3yr old and 1yr old

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