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TEMPER TANTRUMS???!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

hi there
i have a 14 month old darling son and just in the last few days he has been having little temper tantrums when i take something off him that he is not allowed to have. he drops to the floor and cries and screams and kicks his legs. i just ignore him and walk off, but what i was wanting to know if this is an early age to be doing this? i thought it was when they were 2 and over? how else can i get him out of this what are some of your stratergies?
thanks any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Debbie, VIC, Brad 2, Josh 3 Mth

I have a 13 month old boy although he does not have tantrums when something is taken of him he smacks his head with both hands! Only does it every now and than and only hits it once but than he starts clapping his hands so not sure whether it is a happy thing or not. But he does not cry while doing this. Not sure what he means by doing this. I am not sure what to suggest sorry but hope tings settle down for you children are just BLISS arn't they!!!! Have a nice day. xox

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

When my son who is now almost 2 and a half was at this age he did the exact same thing and we delt with it the same way we just walked away and ignored him and when he realised that it hadn't worked he stopped and we moved on. As he has got older the TT's get even more falmboyant but the reaction from us is the same. We do a quick scan of the room to make sure he can't hurt himself or anything if the TT involves something ie a toy we put it out of reach explain that the TT is not acceptable and tell him that I will be down the hall or whatever the case may be when he is ready to be a good boy again. Unfortunately our kids just don't have any other way to express themselves when they don't like something that has happened so a TT is what we get. Be reassured that it sounds like you are doing the right thing and your little on is quite on par for their age. Hope this helps.
Hi Debbie,
My daughter also does this but she started from 8 mths and they have only gotten better from there. My 4 yr old cant throw as good of a tantrum as she can. It can be very embarrasing in public too where she doesnt hold back. She has lately turned to hitting people who walk past in the shop (from trolley). She is now 15mths. I worry as I feel like I have done something wrong but her brother doesnt do any of that and never has. As I am training to be an Early Childhood teacher I feel I should know how to handle her.
I also walk away and if she hits (mainly her brother) I get down to her level hold her hand and say NO hitting I dont like it. If she is throwing a tantrum I tend to leave her cause she is to young to reason with at the moment.
Feel free to write to me at [email protected]

Melissa,Bathurst,3yr old and 1yr old

Thanks heaps guys for all of your esponses. i havent been on for a while so sorry that i have not thanked you earlier. My little mans tempers have settled down heaps now and they are much better. in fact i dont thing he has chucked a wobbly in a while now. i had been ignoring them and it worked a treat.
tour advice and reasurrance was great thanks for your imput everyone who responded.


Debbie, VIC, Brad 2, Josh 3 Mth

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