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hey everyone..just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to wean my 13mth old girl off her dummy....she dosen't even use it poperly she just bites it and turns it sideways..also she gets a pimply rash on her cheeks cause she isnt using it properly...therfore she dripples heaps...when she isnt using it there ios no if anyone has ideas that would be greatly appreciated..thanks.
ive heard from a few ppl that cold turkey is the best way just throw all dummys away.
or if your little one usually has it to go to sleep you could just give it to her for bed and then after a couple of weeks get rid of it.
well good luck and i hope i helped
when you get an answer to this one i would love to know. My baby is 2.5yrs now and i just feel so guilty even thinking about it because that is her comforter. She dosen't have a favourite bear or blanket yet it's just her dummies poor thing.

who says you can''t give your kids everything!

I have also heard cold turkey is the way to go. My dd is 21mths and still has a dummy. We have limited it to only at sleeptime now though. When her dummy is looking worn I now get her to throw her own dummy in the bin, hoping that soon I will tell her that they are"all gone" in the bin.

Other ways for older kids are to plant a dummy tree, or throw it into the sky to be with the stars (which you can say are also dummies)
I worked in day care for a while and we used to take the older child down to the babies room (with the mothers permission of course) and get the child to choose a baby to give the dummy to. Also if its around christmas, easter, birthday they could swap the dummy for a present ie, santa takes it and leaves a special toy.

Not sure how I am going to do it though, I hope some of my own ideas work when the time comes....which will be very soon....and I am dreading it also.

Gooluck and let us know how you get on.

Gold coast, DD 3.5years, DD 15mths #3 on the way

my daughter was 3 when i took hers away or rather the dummy fairy did. i explained to her that the dummy fairy needed them for the new babys and if she left them out for her she would leave her something fantastic in exchange. so we left out all her dummys except 1 so she could see what she got for them. she was so excited by this and the next night she happily handed over her last dummy for exchange. now mind you jaymie was quite a clever girl and understodd things very well so she was happy to do this. but for my son nathan that was a bit harder, he wasnt as quick to understand things as jaymie was, so with him one day i was trying to get some paper work done for work and he snatched one of my papers and wouldfnt give it \back, now this was a very important paper i needed it in a good condition. so i snatched his dummy out of his mouth and said i would swap him. nope didnt want to know about it. by this time i was getting really mad, so i grabed some scissers and said ide cut the top off it if he didnt give it to me. he didnt hand it over so cut i did.(im mean arnt i?) he was in such shock he droped my paper. then to my amazement he rounded up the rest of his dummys and asked if he could cut em up. i explained if he did they would be gone in the bin. he wanted to do it so we did. mind you i kept 1 just in case he wouldnt go to sleep that night.(im not a real strong willed person when it comes to crying) so bed time came and he asked for it, i said you cut them up and they are gone he had a little sook cuddled his poohbear and went to sleep..... NO MORE DUMMY


Cold Turkey always worked for us.

I got rid of dummy soon after they sat up (not so attached to it then) The older they get the harder it is to get rid of Plus damages their teeth, can also encourage thumb sucking when you do depart from the dummy. (as they use thumb in place of dummy).

When I wanted to get rid of it I told them "dummy yucky now needs to go in the bin", would explain that they no longer need it as big person now etc (praise, praise, praise) would show them it is old then we would place in bin. Had a few restless nights but within a week they settle without it.

You can also "replace" the dummy with a small gift sort of a reward for giving it up, eg teddy
Another thing we did is everytime we saw a dummy we would say things about them being for babies but you my big boy/girl now.

Once you get rid of the dummy you will not regert it as you never have to find it in the dark again lol
Goodluck & let us know how you go.

mum to 5

i went cold turkey, it worked. i had few restless nights but its been a month now, if he sees his old dummy he gives it to me.

the earier u take it away, they will talk quicker.

good luck

izacc,ethan and mya

Mine is a similar story to Tamaras. My son had just turned 2 when I took his dummy and when he wasn't looking cut half of the nipple off (so it was awkward to suck). He told me it was broken and I pretended to know nothing about it. I then incorporated the Dummy Fairy into it, saying that she must have done it because he's a big boy now. I suggested that we leave it out for her and maybe she'll leave a little present.
He went to bed with no probs but in the morning he started to cry for it, so I took him into the living room and showed him where the Dummy Fairy had left him a suprise. (One of those small party packets of smarties left over from a Birthday party).
He only ever asked for his dummy once after that, and I explained about the Fairy again and he was cool with it.

My youngest might be different though, he's sooo stubourn.

one night shortly after my daughters 3rd birthday she took her dummies off of her bed and threw them onto the floor saying 'I'm a big girl now." We left them on her desk in her room in case she wanted them, but to this day she hadn't yet asked for them. I think that they will give them up wehn they are ready.
i have a 22 month old and is still on the dummy as she needs it for comforting and also cause she is a very bad teether hardly uses her dummy properly but if it helps her i dont see the hurry in trying to take it off her. i will try for her 2 nd birthday to take it off her using the dummy fairy but if that doesnt work then i think i would just wait for her as she does only use it when she is really upset, teething and bed. i dont think there is any hurry to get them off it, unless they wont be any where with out it.

I am liking the Dummy Fairy idea. We've tried the cold turkey with Jack (2y 7m) but he won't have any of it. We ended up with sleepless nights as Jack screamed the whole house awake. We had the tantrums as well as him pulling the lounge apart looking for the thing.

He's a bit funny, he has to have it to sleep, but during the day, some days he needs it, other days he doesn't.

We're trying to get through the potty training stage at the moment, so once that's done and dusted, I may have to call the Dummy Fairy.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

I 'broke' H's when she was about 10 months old. I still gave it too her but with the tip off it she couldnt suck properly and kept spitting it out. After a couple of nights she just spit it out, rolled over and went to sleep and the dummy went in the fire. (did have a new one in reserve just in case though)

Jo-Ann NZ

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