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My 15mnth old = the mountain goat???! Lock Rss

My 15month old DD has discovered climbing.

She can climb onto the lounge which she's been doing since about 12mnths. But today she climbed onto a dining chair all by herself and then onto the dining table and helped herself to an apple from the fruit bowl! She was mighty proud sitting up on our 8 seater dining table munging into a WHOLE apple!!

She then proceeded to the bathroom (favourite room in the house) and climbed into the bath unaided! She was quite happy sitting in there playing and took me a few minutes to realise she was in there, as she had gone in and closed the door before climbing in.... Am worried about this as she knows how to turn taps on and off in the bath also....

She has earned the nickname mountain goat now, as the other kids her age we do know socially etc didn't start doing the climbing thing until much older, as in 18months +

I've always thought she is pretty normal for her age/stages in development but lately i've noticed she can do lots of stuff which is surprising us all, including opening/closing zips (tiny ones on purses etc) and opening baby/child proof lids with no problem.... She helps herself to the fridge/pantry despite the child safety latches on them...

She is starting to drive me nuts. She is miss energiser bunny, and i mean, on the go all day every day, into every little thing in the whole house. Her favourite thing at the moment is attempting to "clean" the toilet with the toilet brush! Too scared to put locks on the outside of the doors as sure enough my idiot brother or someone else would lock me in the toilet!!!

Please tell me she is normal!!! LOL My brother's both have ADHD so I am becoming a little concerned she is following in their footsteps LOL :S

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Having heard lots of your stories over the months, well years now on this site - I'm not suprised. Your DD has always been above average and highly motivated.

Hmmm - I'm not sure about the ADHD thing, but do know if you are really conscious of her diet, exercise and stimulation - including parental guidance (discipline) you could nip any future issues in the bud.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My little one is 15mths as well & she climbs EVERYTHING. She will climb into the bath also as well as out, onto our bed, lounge, kitchen table,up & down stairs without worring her.
Little monkey even climbs out of her pusher than back in, same with her highchair.
She has been climbing since she was 11mths but since walking she has tried higher spots eg highchair

We keep the bathroom & toilet door closed for safety as would hate her to drown by accident with her climbing skills.
I am surprised with the child locks only way my kids got passed them is if we didn't close them proper

mum to 5

lol... You're sooo lucky that your dd decided to only really become a problem at 15 months...

My dd is only 13 months and climbing EVERYTHING!!! She stands on the coffee table, climbs in and out of her high chair, knows how to open zips, tries to climb the shelves, climbed out of her cot yesterday, is always sitting on our desk chairs (they're swivel ones too so she's no amateur!) and loves to grab everything on our desks and tables.

I always close the doors, but that doesn't stop her getting to stuff in the kitchen and lounge and family rooms. She's also very strong willed and rebellious already.

The worst bit is, she's not talking all that much (lots of baby talk but doesn't really talk properly).

I'm considering moving her into her own single bed now although I'm not sure she'll sleep in it.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

Oh have all just described every day in my house! My little monkey is so cheeky & just yesterday I left the room briefly only to hear him giggle and say 'Dance, dance...' and when I came back to the dining room, there he was standing on our very high dining table dancing very excitedly! He has also this week decided he likes climbing into his high chair (after he's been fed & he is not really fond of the chair generally! LOL) - to do this he climbs up onto a dining chair & throws his legs over in mid air to straddle the high chair. Having caught him in mid straddle you can imagine my fear that he'd fall! So far, touch wood, he's kept his balance!

He also knows how to: turn the tv on, change channels, turn the xbox on & start his 'Baby Einstein' dvds, turn the stereo on & start playing cds, press the 'talk' button on our cordless phone & hit 'redial' so he actually dials a number - my mum told me he rang them the other day then hung up on them!! You just have to laugh at their ingenuity, really.

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

Hi Anna-Lisse,
Everyhing you have described was my daughter at that age (she is now 8).She was a very intelligent toddler, and had learnt all her shapes, colours, animals, numbers, etc, before she was 2 years old. She was into everything, ransacking cupboards, trying to clean the toilet, etc. I had locks on every door in the house, and barricades for the rooms without doors. She even learnt how to climb out of her cot, playpen, highchair, pram and her carseat!! She used to undo the straps and bounce into the front seat, and I'd be on the freeway trying to find somewhere to pull over so I could put her back again. It didn't matter how tight we put the straps, she learnt how to undo them. As she also used to climb out of the pram, I got one of those harness things, but she also learnt to undo that. Needless to say, we didn't go many places for a few years. It was just too exhausting chasing her around all the time. She eventually grew out of it, and has since been found to be an extremely intelligent child - some of the specialists call it "gifted and talented". With kids like these, the trick is to constantly give them things to keep their minds working, like puzzles, books, toys that require putting together. It is a challenge, and you have to keep searching to find what stimulates your little one's interest. We also found certain foods that would send her into hperdrive, even worse than normal, so those foods were outlawed (and it wasn't Coke or junk food - it was stuff like strawberries and orange juice). My concern is that I now have a 16 month old son, who is exhibiting all the same signs as his sister, and he also has her teaching him stuff, so it looks like I'm in for it again!! I try to take one day at a time. Good luck with your mountain goat.

NSW, 7 yr old girl, 8 month old boy.

i feel like you described by little boy, who is only 14 months old. he's been like that ever since he got mobile. he can climb onto a picnic table with no issues (as i found out today)/we have to close the doors to every room in the house and watch him constantly especially because he will not sit still for more than a few minutes at the time. i have just accepted that he's an active little man and loves to climb - it also means i lose heaps of weight trying to keep up with him.

robert 15 feb 06 qld

there might be a few bumps and bruises along the way, but the climbing is a good thing i reckon... they learn to be very stable and 'good on there feet'...

DS has been doing the same before he could walk. his climbing was 'out-of-control' before he was one, and could pretty much climb onto anything. luckily we've had accidents and he 2 1/2 now. He still climbs everything and anything and is a real monkey at the park hehe!..

i wouldnt worry, apart from the odd peice of fruit missing from the breakfast bar(which happens at our end to) and the occasional 'time out' for climbing to the top of wall units....its ok, and they have fun =)

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

you just described my daughter!! thanks to gymb@roo she has been encouraged to climb - i'd like to say NOT by me but by the teacher!

we sprung her the other day (she has also found her nappy) bare bum, dancing on the coffee table in the lounge room to the wiggles!

thanks to the climbing she has a bruise on her head at the moment from falling off a friends lounge - i went to the loo, friend thought she'd be ok and sit down like her DD was but nooooo not my bec - she climbed on the arm of the lounge and fell off.

apparently climbing is just part of the learning process - we just have to hope that they realise the higher you climb the further you have to fall!
don't stress my son is now 2 1/2 and he has had brusies on him scence he was 10 months when he worked out he could climb. now he has just learnd to jump thanks to kinda and he has a nice bruse on his forhead from jumping on our bed.

mum23 dad26 bub2

My son climbed from about 7 months he is old hat at it now(13 months) when he was about 8 months i found him on the window sill, climbed up and over the lounge! Scary but i had to laugh. Then the other day i found him balancing on the secound to top level of a 5 foot step ladder clapping his hands!! A true mountain goat!


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