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any mothers with 18 month olds out there? Lock Rss

my daughter has just gone 18 months i was wonderin what kinda words they are able to say at this stage. i'd like to know if my daughter is advanced or fairly smart. i know another 18 month old who cant talk well at all. i am just curious

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi Eilish,
We did a developmental test when my daughter was 14 months old and her vocab was excellent as 20 words was considered to be the 18-19 months age appropriate language. So if she is saying lots more words than this then I would say that vocabulary is one of your daughters strengths. My daughter dosen't shut up and does the usual mumma, dadda, etc as well as good girl, kiss cuddle, me. ( Cant think of others off the top of my head) Our girls must get their intelligence from their mums.
Hope this helps

Fiona, NSW

Hi there I have a little boy who is now 20 mths. I do have to say one thing to you and that is that everychild develops differently i do not know of any that develops by the book.
My son at that age could say a lot. He even is starting to say sentences. He can just about everything. I do not push him to say alot he just does it all himself.
The health nurses are always surprised on the amount of words he does say.
But even if your child can't say many it is always better to let them be kids than push them.
Thanks for taking the time out to lread this message.

Mel. 19 yr old mother of one(20mths)
Hi eilishsmummy, I thought I would contact you in this post over the M-I-L. Caleb was born at 12.20pm on the 09.07.02. His weight 8p 6oz or 3810grams. He was 52cms long. He was pretty scrawny looking but long. Caleb was in the perfect position until 34 weeks and then we found out he had become breech. I did have a lot of pain at the time and braxton hicks so I didnt think anything once the pain had stopped. At one stage I was wondering if I was in early labour but within a few hours the pain stopped. I also had gestational diabetes so the obstetrician adviced it would be in both mine and Caleb's best interest to have a caesarean. Not what I wanted but at least we both live to talk about it.

My husband is from Townsville and tranfered to Brisbane with his work long before I met him. He decided to stay here, no one was keeping him. Then he met me and we are still together. My husband think she is funny towards me as she looks as me being the reason he doesnt live in Townsville. Perhaps that is easier to except then the fact her son just doesnt want to live there. My husband loves his mother and I simply adore mine. If anyone was to be rude or hurt my mother in anyway I would be out for blood!! This is where the respect comes from towards my husband to not bite back at his mother. My husbands grandfather passed away years ago and left his war medals to my husband. His mother took them as she felt he was not responsible enough to have them. He is now 33, has a wife and a child but obviously she still doesnt feel he is responsible enough as she still has them.
It sounds like you daughter is pretty advanced in her speech. My son still only says the basics as do most of the children in his day care. He started talking around 8months of age saying very clearly HELLO but that stopped. The Dr said this was due to his ear infections which have been on going. They cant hear properly so they cant repeat the words.

Anyway I would love to hear about your baby so info please. I love her name, very very pretty. Where did it come from and what does it mean?
hi eilish was born at 1:51pm wednesday 5th june 2002. she was 50cm long she was 8 pound 14 oz 4010grams which is 4kgs and 10 grams. i've loved the name eilish since i was 12-14 i dont remember where i heard it at all.

Eilís f
Pronounciation: EYE-leesh
Other Spellings: Eilis', AY-lish, Ailish, Ayelish
Meaning in English: Eilish 'God has sworn'

and her middle name

Pronounced: see-EN-ah
Other Spellings: Sienna
From the name of the city in Italy. Use of the name has perhaps been influenced by the word sienna, meaning "orange-red", which was itself derived from the name of the city (because of the colour of the soil there)

[email protected] is my email address.

here is a website i created of her. (just added photos which was easy thankgod)

if it needs a password its brophy

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i have 3 kids. My eldest who is now 8 still was saying nothing at the age of 3 and a half and encountered 2 years of speech therapy. My middle daughter (5 next month) was speaking pretty much fluently at the age of about 21 months and my son (18 months) is saying about 15 words. All my kids have been completely different - and all from same parents.
My daughter is 1months old, she talks a lot sometimes has an entire conversation with you only we cant understand what she is saying except for a few words like mum, teddy,baba (dad in turkish) she has just started to say baby as she now has a new baby brother. Should I be worried that she is not saying much that we can understand??

Bek, Victoria. Alianah 5, Taylan 4, Zara 3mths

at 18 months they should hve 15- 30 words my oldest son was slow to talk but my 2.5 yrear old one was talking well b4 his 2nd bday my 15 monthold son says mum dad. brad, nana, bye hello

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

my 18mth daughter says everything shes like a parrot but it can get anoying when they just say mum mum mum mum.
she says:-
mum, dad, maya, hi 5, cheese, juice, i play, i eat, i sit, chair, bottle, grandma and grandpa (in our language), sleep, dummy, car, cat, dog, bird, chicken, wiggles, she sings the rock a bye a bear song with actions, shake, and so much more.

what ever she says she suprises me.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

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