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Hi, i have a 4 year old little girl and she never had a hair cut!! because she still doesnt need one. she has the same amount of hair as a boys hair cut. people keep calling her a boy, so i have had her ears peirced. is there anyone else out there with a child with slow growing hair?? it would be nice to hear from someone with the same issue.
My problem is the complete opposite of yours. Our DS is 28 months and has had 3 hair cuts. He refuses to have another one so his hair is down just past his shoulders. Everyone tells me how gorgeous my little girl is.. no matter what I dress him in. It doesn't help that he loves wearing necklaces.. hehe

My 7yr old has slow growing hair too.
I have had the doctor check to see if there is any thing wrong but he said that her scalp is healthy.

I then discovered why her hair is slow growing and its because she has been having Botox injections since the age of 2 and that kills your hair.

My eldest daughter has very slow growing hair. She had a little hair when she was born, but it all fell out and took FOREVER to grow back. She is now 17 months and it is still barely growing at all. From what I can tell it's going to be quite thick, so I'm hoping it'll thicken and then start to grow.

Shan - Halia 22/12/05 - Lylah 15/01/07

my eldest daughter took it upon herself to cut her younger sisters hair while I was out ans daddy was minding them. I was devestated but thought it would grow back quickly, but it hasn't, its been a year now and its hardly grown at all.
I hope Im not side tracking.....I was at the hair dressers last week, and was listening to another hairdresser shampoo a lady undergoing cancer treatment's hair. She said there is no treatment you can put on your head to make the hair grow faster...but touch will stimulate the folicules and help it grow. So she recommended this lady massage her hair to encourage new growth especially when washing it?

PJ had little or no hair until now at 16mths it is finally starting to grow, but she still doesnt have much. She often gets referred to as a lovely little 'fella' Im like hello shes in pink!
I created an ebay store selling hand made girls hair clips & have a range of 'No Slip Bubba Clips' its been a big hit for Mums with Bubs with little hair. If any Mums want to know more please message me.

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What colour hair does she have? Apparently red or fair/blonde hair grow much slower (in babies) than darker haired bubs. Fairer kids seem to have thinner hair than dark haired also for some reason. My little one hardly had any hair when she was born and it's ever so slowly starting to grow now. She's a light ginger nut.

I don't know why this is the case but I read it somewhere when I was looking up hair growth for myself!
My DD has very red hair and its quite thick. She has had about 8 haircuts and shes only 2!!

My hairdresser recommends that you should get you childs haircut even if its slow growing as this encourages growth.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Myself and my niece have always had slow growing hair as littlies. My hair was fine and fluffy like a chicken, only snow white. Now it grows like mad.

Like Fee, I would recommend a hair cut. Like pruning a bush I suppose, stimulates the growing process.

Hi,I did the same thing, I peirced my daughters ears at two so people would stop calling her a boy even though she was in a dress. I use to gel my daughter's hair to get in to stay in a piggy tail when she was four. I remember saying the she wouldn't have enough hair to put up for her first day at school. Well now she is 10 and can nearly sit on it. She has beautiful thick healthy hair and definately does not look boyish anymore. I hardly ever get it trimmed and I would not have cut it at four as she just didn't have enough. I am sure your daughter has many other beautiful qualities that outshine her short locks and one day she will have beautiful long hair that she wants to cut short......

Amanda NSW

Though it's difficult to tell how fast does hair grow, but if there is slow hair growth, there are methods and tips to make your hair grow faster.
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