my little girl is turning 3 in oct and i would like some advice. her father left us almost a year ago now so she has bonded even more closer to me and im having trouble with her attachment. she screams when i leave the room if she cant see me. i even have to go to the toilet with the door open so i get some peace. she wont sleep by herself at night (day time i have to rock her to sleep) so she sleeps with me and has to touch me with her toes or her arm all through the night so she knows im still there. Besides me she has a close bond with my mother, who she loves to cuddle and go and visit, but still screams when im out of her veiw.
i have tried time outs,rewards and taking toys away when shes too bad, but this only solves the problem short term, how do i stop it completely so i can get a little piece of my life back. i think she is scared that i will leave her like her father, who she doesnt see much of, and not return to her. how do i reassure her that im always going to be there when she just doesnt understand?