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clingy child Lock Rss

my son who is nearly 2 wont let me do any thing with out him, i cant go to the toilet or have a shower, cook dinner, without him screaming and than he will stick his fingers down his throat, he wont let his daddy give him a bath or a shower with out me in the bathroom i have to be insight he just doesnt want to leave my side, he is like a little lost pup, nothing has changed to make him like this, exept we went away for the week end and left him and my nearly 3 year old with my mum but he was fine with mum and dad he even gave us a kiss good bye and waved than went and played
how do i get him out of this

tina,n.s.w mum to 2 boys

does he go to daycare? Krysta was like this but not as bad.. I just left the house and left her with her daddy.. she got over it.. I also leave her with family and they take her out etc so she goes to pretty much anyone.. Daycare is a good way of getting them over it too cos there are other kids for them to play with and they cry a little then they are over it smile Even if its just 1 day a week where someone else looks after him it should help smile

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

Wow TL, I thought only my littel girl (nearly 3 now) sticks her fingers down her throat to "make a point"! Yep, she is also clingy to the max and I shower, go to toilet, dress/undress, cook, clean in her presence only! Overwise she 'd be behind the bathroom door, hammering and shouting, so I just have to let her in... Not to mention she only want s to sleep with me in my bed and I have to pick her up and carry her around on my hip 100 times a day. So, you see... plenty of us around. I just decide to "wait it out", once she goes to kindy, grows up a bit, builds her confidence through communication with "the outside" world, I hope she will be happy ot let go of me. What do you think?

Sydney, little girl nearly 3.

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