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Flat Heads Lock Rss

My son is now 20 months old, and when he was about four months old started to develop quite a flat head at the back due to the "sleeping on his back" which is recommended these days. I took him to see the Pediatrician who told me that this is quite common these days especially in heavy babies and that as we sleep babies on their backs now to help prevent cot death, we are seeing more mis-shapen heads. He said he might grow out of it or he might not. It's not quite as noticeable now as he has more hair, but it definately hasn't corrected itself. I've heard of a clinic in sydney where you get these special helmets fitted, and although that seems a little extreme to me, I'd be interested to hear from anyone else out there who has a similar story.
My son does not have a funny head, But a friend of mine her son has a really weird shape head. It is no where near normal. His whole head seems to leen to one side. But not just sidewards also it is very high.
She has gone to see a prediatriction but she never went back for the results.
I don't believe that you should go get a helmet its nnot really a thing to be to concerned about. But if it is still like that in a few years then do something. Until then just watch him grow, after they are only babies once so you might aswell make the most of it.

mel mother of 1 (20 mths)
My son also has a flat head at the back for the same reason. He is now 2 yrs and 8 mths old and is fine.
The paediatrician isn't concerned at the shape of his head, only the size - 53.5cm in circumference.
Hi Darlene,
My friends baby had a flat head. Apparantely from when she was delivered her neckn was sprained and she would roll her head to one side. anyway, she got a helmet for her daughter and now shes fine. I would get it checked out for sure. Why not? It helped her in her trying to walk. Everytime she fell she wouldnt hurt herself!! I would if it were my son.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Darlene

I am concerned too, Georgia is 4 months old and favours her left side, their is a noticable bump on her right side.

The clinic recommended me to swap her sleeping position in her cot and play with her from the right side. I have been doing these things and Georgia turns her head ok, but always sleeps to the left, even though she now faces the wall instead of the door!

I have a friend who is taking her daughter (same age) to have an x-ray, I don't know if that is a bit extreme, as well as the helmets, I wonder if they can sleep with a helmet on?

I truly hope that their heads just go into their natural shape as they get older, it is what I want to hear anyway!

a friends child has a weird shaped head here its kinda lopsided or angeled... it was because of a suction delivery though.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

My son is 17 months old and had the same problem from the word go. his head still is a bit flat at the back, and his hair masks it, but i don't think its very noticeable. no one has commented on it at all and i'm hoping it evens itself out as he gets older. he has sleptt on his tummy for a while now and has given it a bit of a break.
hi darlene
my son denzel 19 mths has a flatened head on one side again from sleeping on his side, his pediatricion did xrays when he was about 8 mths and took head measurerments for months but has not said any more about it. his head is still flat but his thick hair hides it.
i also spoke to his orthopaedic surgeon and he said not to worry about it as it is common and does not make a difference to growth or development
hi darlene, i have the same situation, my son is 28mths old, i have searched high and low in the past 12 months for specialists for this child, and in all of the peadiatricians have paragraphs aout the size and shape of his head. Yet no one has done anything as of yet regarding any his "problems" any was i looking up on the net all the big words they put in their reports so u dont know what they are on about and i read about " TORTICOLLIS" it is where they can have twisted neck muscles which could be the explanation for them liking one side, i am and i recommend u see a peadiatric physio therapist to have a look. i also have spoken to orthopedic natral therapists who strongy recommend the earlyier the treatment the better. If u leave it to long your childs bones harden making it harder to work with. i think only extreme cases need the helmets, but there are other alternatives out there.

mel,4yr,2yr,1yr boys

my friends son had a flat head and had it operated on. very drastic but necessary as it can cause developmental problems later on and vision problems as well. her g.p. referred her to a neurologist when her son was 5 months old and he had his op at six months. the specialists thought it was a matter of some urgency. sounds a bit different to what you guys have all experienced so i don't really know what the story is. it makes it difficult for everyone when the so called experts have different ideas. if you are worried go to a few different doctors and ask for referrals to specialists until you are satisfied. goodluck.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

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