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14 month old 9.2 kgs? Lock Rss

hi, i just got my 14 month old weighed today, he was 9.2 kgs. the child health nurse didnt say anything but when i got home i looked on the growh chart and he is just between the 3rd and 5th percentile in weight. Should i be worried? he isnt a big eater but i offer food and healthy snacks often throughout the day. and he is very active. he is half thai though, and asians in general are smaller arnt they? im just a bit worried now as he has never been below the 10th prcentile before

kylan and jayda, keeping me on my toes!

Don't worry at all. MY little girl is the same - every baby grows ata different rate. My health nurse said that you guide it by your babies birthwieght. So if your baby was 6 pound when he was born, by his first birthday he might not weigh as much as another baby that was 9 pound when he was born. It all depends how big a baby they were. so don't worry at all, he will get there!smile]

Yep had the same deal with my son. He is 2yrs and 3 months. And is just under 12kgs. He is quite skinny and my husband always says he is too skinny but the doctor even said he is healthy. He is just soooooo active that whatever he eats is just burned off. he was born 7pund 1 ounce and has always been on the slimmer side. Don't stress. If the doctors are concerned they will let you know.
[Edited on 07/06/2007]
dont worry about it. my daughter is 18 months this week and just reached 10kg and thats fully clothed with shoes and everything. she is however off the charts with her length and average with her head circumference. as they get bigger their eating habits tend to change where theyre picking and grazing and theyre running off all the weight because theyre on the go all the time. my daughter also doesnt drink milk- ever since she was 12 months old.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

my boy is almost 16 months and weighs not quite 10kg and is healthy as so dont worry.
Hey don't worry about it. Some bubs are petite. Mine is 15 months and weighs 9.5kg. She eats 3 meals a day, has snacks and milk so I know she's eating but she's little according to the chart.

DD 18 months

My 13 month old hasn't even cracked the 9 kilo mark yet. He fell off the bottom of the shaded area on the chart several months ago. However he took his first steps at 10 months, says heaps of words (that I can understand) copies heaps, knows some baby sign etc. Developmentally there are no worries. I am quite slim so maybe he takes after me. The health nurse said there is nothing to worry about but referred me to the dietician. I go next week. I think she will be giving me ideas on high calorie, healthy snacks etc. Not sure what else she will say that any intelligent person can't figure out but it doesn't hurt to go and listen.

Tania, WA: 2 boys

naughty smurf your DD sounds like my DD she was 1 last week and weighs 8.36kg, she's sitting on the 25th percentile on the growth chart for length and weight. She started walking at 10 months and I get so many comments about how small she is, but she eats like a horse. I keep getting into trouble from one of the CHN because shes not on the 50th percentile, but I just look at her development which is ok and how much she eats. And my DD was 8 pound 10.5 ounces born, but she was a very fine built baby.
i think they are so cute when they are small, my boy started walking at 10 months too and it lookes sooooooo cute.
hello this is definatly nothing to be worried about as my son jackson is 3 now and he weights just under 10 kgs at the moment and the doc and peaditration are very happy with him and he is very happy and healthy he is just little he was born 3.26 kgs born so they are very happy with him so i wouldnt worry to much as long as he isnt loosing lots of weight all at once i am sure he is fine all the best from felecia

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

My No 1 Son (now 3 and a half) was born 10lbs and 57cm but he didn't gain weight the way the charts were showing he should. He stayed long (or tall) and skinny and was walking at 10 months old. He's still very slight for his age (though tall) but is otherwise developing normally. Definitely take any heritage in account when looking at your child's physical development. My hubby is 6 foot 2 and built like a beanpole - No 1 Son takes after him. The charts are a basic guide but if your child looks healthy, is otherwise developing normally and if you feel they're fine, then they probably are fine.

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Hi mums. I have a boy who is 15 months old and his weight is only 8.7kgs. He is my first child so I do not have experience. You commented on this topic few years ago so I want to know how your children are going now. Please help me because I feel very stress about his weight. I feel like I am a bad mum
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