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Fluoride suppliments when to give and where to buy Lock Rss

Hi all
Just wanting to know your opinions on fluoride suppliments for those not living in areas with fuoridated water.

I spoke to my dentist about this and he recommended to give fluoride to bub from 6months and to take it personally after 1st trimester of pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. If you can find it buy and use it he said.

Dental hygenist recomended not to as t is not thought to be readily absorbed and that too many children where getting blotchy teeth due to overdose as there is enough in the food we eat??

Next problem is that where can you buy it. Chemist dont seem to stock it anymore

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Hi Miracles,

There was a thread that discussed flouride a little while ago - it may provide some of the info you need. <a href=" Post</a>.

Mel, NSW, Boy 02/03 & Girl 04/05

I asked my doctor about it also. She told me she really didnt think it was nessacary as long as the child is healthy and eating the right foods it shouldnt make a difference. She said children under two dont really need floride as the shouldnt be eating to much of the bad things anyway and just brushing the teeth at night and keeping sweet things to around meal times and no suger after tea, things should be fine. Im trusting her by all means do as you please.

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi everyone,
I bought flouride tablets at a chemist on the Central Coast if any of you live near here! I bought them at the chemist at West Gosford. They had only just got them in as they hadn't had them in for as long time! I haven't given them to my baby yet, but that's only because we are having eating problems and he can't keep them down!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

just don't rinse mouth out after brushing teeth... a dentist told a friend that for her teeth! we are on a farm with only rainwater, and our daughter doesn't rinse her mouth out after brushing, teeth are perfect. not sure how old your baby is, but that is an easy way to keep fluoride in the mouth/teeth.
I recommend this website . You will spend only a few minutes and will certainly get what you want.
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