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november 2003 born toddlers Lock Rss

just wondering what stages your babies are upto?

Hannah is a bit behind , she doesnt talk very much, she says a few small sentences, she likes to feed herself, and the past few days tells me what she wants to wear.
she gets really cranky because she has trouble getting her point across, and she punches her toys when they dont do what she wants them too!

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Chelby,

DS loves to give me long explanations of what he's been up to when he stays at his Grandma's house, especially when they have gone to feed the ducks. Luckily he says 'duck' very clearly. He's fed himself practically since he started solids!! He's very keen to do everything himself - he doesn't even like me to push him in the shopping trolley!! I have to turn it around and push it backwards so that he is facing forward - he thinks that he is driving it then!!
He follows instructions surprisingly well, like 'put that in the bin please' or 'put the cushions back on the lounge please'. He's very tidy and loves to put things back where they belong, I only hope this trait continues on when he gets older!!
He still doesn't like to stay in the stroller, he's always on the go and sitting still in the stroller isn't an option!!!! He can say and point to most of his body parts (eye, ears, mouth, teeth, toes etc) and loves to put his own socks and shoes on. He's also really good at getting himself undressed for his shower or bath - he loves showers with mum in the morning!
I'm like most mums and could carry on forever about my DS, I'm expecting No. 2 in 4 weeks, so I hope DS is going to be OK with him/her. We'll soon see. How is everyone else coping with their November bubs?
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