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Most People Talk About The Terrible Two's... But What Abou The Challenging One's??? Lock Rss

Hello to all those Mum's out there with darling one year olds.

My daughter is almost 13 months old and has recently become quite challenging, testing me and throwing early signs of tantrums...

Can anyone else relate to this??? You always hear about the terriblbe two's, but what about the challenging one year old?

Don't get me wrong, most of the time my daughter is an angel... but every so often she turns...

Would love to hear from other mum's about this.

Michelle smile
Hi Michelle,
Not everyone experiences the terrible 2's! My son was good I thought! I found kids at any age seem to like to test the tolerance of their parents just to see how much they can get away with! I found that's all my son did but boy, it almost sends you insane sometimes!! Just make sure you don't give in, although sometimes it would be easier!! Keep up the good work!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Michelle,
My daughter is 19 months and most of the time is an angel but over the last couple of months she has started to really test the boundaries to the point when I wonder would I have better off as a women with no children? After years of trying to fall pregnant I think I had unrealistic expections about my baby and my reactions to their behaviour. I know its normal and I love my daughter more than life itself but it can get you down. I dont know what the answer is but sometimes I just try to make myself laugh by telling myself that she is extra intelligent and "Advanced for her age".
I love my daughter to death and even miss her IF she sleeps so I am not a whingy mum but understand the frustration you feel. You are not alone.
Take Care

Fiona, NSW

Hello, I have a 14 month old with the same kind of behaviour and thought that this wasn't going to start until 2. I can't take her shopping anymore because it always ends in drama. She has to be able to do her own thing or it's tantrum time.
Not only that but I'm finding it very hard to entertain her during the day at home. She has so many toys and will not play with anything longer than a minute. I do teach her how to play but if I am not playing with her she is only interested in trying to pull me away from what I am doing and wants to be picked up all the time.
I love her dearly but I'm a little frustrated.

Jenny, NSW, Girl born nov 02.

Hello I was really shocked when my son started to throw temper tantrums around 10 months of age as I didnt know they started that young. He is now 18 months and can still throw them. I was talking to my brother the other day who has 3 older children. He said it goes like this - The Obnoxious Ones - then The Terrible Two's followed by The Trying Three's. I am hoping nothing else comes after that but no doubt they then become teenages and life as we know it is over!!!
Hi Michelle

My baby girl is the same age and yes she is a challenge also.....She was a really good baby slept and feed well. Then we started walking, climbing and those lovely tantrums at 11 months. She keeps me busy.

We are very strict with her.....we just have to be careful that we don't dampen her spirt as she is a very outgoing and loud toddler.

Good luck any ideas let me know.....

Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

Hi Jordys Mum,
You are very honest and you should be congratulated for that.
I have a 14 month old who is a very good baby/toddler but has the tantrums now.
I feel hopeless and disappointed when he is carrying on but I just count to ten and just ignore him and he eventually calms down. I stay around and watch him from the corner of my eye to see that he is not harming himself with throwing things and tossing himself around the room.
I love him to death too and at 36 he is my only child and sometimes I wonder if I was better off without a child and my expectations were unrealistic as well. At the end of the day all children are angels and devils and we must learn to find the inner strength to master all moods and ride every wave of emotion they have. And they can have 100's of them a day. Remeber lots and lots of hugs and kisses and the rewards will be great.

Jungle baby

Hi to all the lovely mums who replied,

Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences. Some times it is just enough to know you are not the only one feeling the anxiety and frustrations.

I can really relate to those who said they find it hard to take their darling one year old shopping and as for my daughter playing with her 100's of toys at home and leaving mummy to get things done... well it just doesn't happen often.

I liked the comment about obnoxious one's, terrible two's and trying three's. I guess we all have so much more to look forward too.

Thanks again,
Michelle smile
My daughter is now 15 months old and starting to really test me out, though she is very easy in general. Have you thought about having friends to play so you are not her only 'human toy'? My daughter is at the age where she loves to have friends over or go to their place. Being an only child with Mum as the only one to play with is making her very dependent on me for everything, including entertainment! Time with other kids is my way of giving her a sibling - temporarily. I'm also thinking about a puppy in a few months and am looking into breeds that are small and good with young kids as this will also give her company. She is good with other peoples dogs so I am hoping it would be good for her.
Good luck,


Lucy's Mum

all i can suggest is NEVER EVER EVER give in. once you give in they will do it more and more as they think they will get away with it. eilish started tantrums i just smack her tell her why its naughty and then walk away she's stopped it now. she did it for a few months. sometimes not very often while i am trying to get her dressed she throws herself around i smack her and tell her to sit there and she does or other times i know its a bit extreme but i hold her so she cant wiggle she gives in.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi Michelle

My two boys both have different ways of expressing their anger. Jake (3 1/2) lies down on the floor and pretends to be asleep and sometimes even throws in a snore and whistle sound as a bonus. REALLY FUNNY! It is funny when other Mums ask me 'what is he doing?' He developed this type of tantrum because I use to tell him to go to his room if he wanted scream, kick or do the whinging cry, and for him ‘NOT to do it around me’. So I would put him in his room and he was aloud out when he was quiet. Now when he asks me for a chocie bickie and if I say ‘no, it is too close to dinner’ he sometimes will lay on the ground for 5 minutes pretending to be asleep.
My almost 1 year old does a belly flop on the ground and goes 'oh no' and other times hits down on things with both hands with a big frown. If he is whinging/crying (and he is not tired, not in pain, hungry, thirsty with a clean nappy) then sometimes I say to him in a normal voice 'that's enough' and then walk away. Then when he starts acting good again I go back to him and play with him. So that he learns that he gets more attention if he is good. I learnt to do this with my 1st when he was a baby.

Sometimes when they are acting badly I change the mood and start laughing and copying them. Then once they start laughing at me I change the behaviour into something else. Although this doesn't work all the time.

I find it quite exhausting developing new ways to cope with their changing personalities.

mum of 3

Thanks Junglemum,
After I wrote my reply I felt quite guilty about my comments even though they were truthful. probably not so much the comments but having the feelings I have often. I do love my little girl and yes she is an angel AND a little devil throughout every day.
I don't know what the answer is but then again I think that they are all different and if we could come up with a univeral solution we would be millionaires as well as mums with nothing to do.
Ah.........The Joys of motherhood.
What would we do without them!

Fiona, NSW

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