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Most People Talk About The Terrible Two's... But What Abou The Challenging One's??? Rss

I just wanted to add that I really appreciated all your honest replies and don't feel guilty for any of the feelings you have. They all sound pretty normal. What would this forum do if us mum's couldn't share our honest feelings? I applaud you.
hi im another mum with a tantrum throwing 12 month old. we have ben experiencing tantrums for a little while now and they are very trilimg. i have a very strong willed little girl who loves to throw herself around. nappy change time is her personal favourite. its becoming harder and harder to change those lovely pooey nappies without getting it every where. shopping is also a nightmare. she is fine till she has had enough of her pushchair then its all over. she wants to crawl around the floor and play with the toys. the only thing to do when this happens is to leave. i am now pregnant with number 2 (due oct) and i am a bit scared of these tantrums. she is so strong that when she throws herslf and kicks she can really biggest worry is that when our second child arrives they are only going to get worse as i feel that they are an attention thing. i admit that i have tried the smacking thing and that only makes her worse and me upset. i never wanted to be a smacking mother. as for not being able to do things without a 'helper' i am working around that by having something different for her to do in each room. for example the tupperware draw in the kitchen keeps her amused for ages. good luck to everybody out there going through the challenging ones. i know what you are going through.

Mum to Bethany (25-2-03) & Faith (8-11-04)

I can sympathise with you about the "obnoxious one year old" stage..... I am covered in small bruises to show for it!

My 16 mth old daughter has lately taken to headbutting... but it is only me she is interested in getting. Same goes for hitting...

The other evening she headbutted me so hard as I was holding her that she popped the lens of my glasses out while they were still on my face! My mother-in-law (the in-laws live with us) keeps telling me "it's a phase and she'll get over it." I have tried slapping her hand when she does it, but to no avail... and it doesnt help that the in-laws glare at me when I try to punish her in any way.

An yes, ignorance hasn't worked either.


HI Debbie,

I know what you are going through to a degree. My lovely 16 month old daughter bit me on the face today and it really hurt. It started out as a kiss on the cheek and next thing I know I have a jaw locked on my face! I was a bit stunned and pushed my daughter off my lap telling her that you do NOT bite!

Hey, this might just be a stage they are going through... but it doesn't make it any easier! And if your in-laws are judging your punishments I can only imagine the added grief!

All I can offer is the comfort to know you are not going through this alone.

Michelle smile
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