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dummyproblem Lock Rss

How do i get my 16mth old girl off the dummy, i have tried the only bed time thing but i am worried how things will go at bedtime especially at night

mel,qld,15mth old girl

My Son is 25 months and still has the Dummy, it keeps him happy especially when teething etc. I say let her keep it a bit longer she will give it up when ready. Iam going to try leaving it for Santa this christmas if I have not got rid of it by then. but if you really want to get rid of it now Cold turkey is they best but do it on Firday night when you can affford to lose some sleep as she will proabbly cry herself to sleep the first few nights being use to it.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

dear melzy,
my little boy is 171/2 months old and he still has his dummy.his molars are coming through and it seems that he needs his dummy more. i would also like to get him off it but i think i will wait a little longer, maybe another couple of months.good idea that my aunty gave me to get rid of her daughters dummy was that she flushed it down the toilet. her girl would have been at least 2-3years old.good luck and happy parenting.

lucas mum

angela,vic,3years old toddler

Don't worry about your daughter's dummy, it is not a problem until they are 3 or 4 and walking around with a dummy all day!!

My son is almost 2 y/o and he has his dummy only at night now. He loves his dummy and he started having it only at night when he was about 20 months. We would ask him for it when he woke from a nap, before getting him out of his cot, he would readily hand it over in exchange for being let out of his cot!

Now however, he has learned to climb out of his cot and so we have moved him into a bed, he usually gets up still with his dummy, but when prompted for it, he will hand it over. I think he finds it a comfort for his teeth, i think he is getting 2nd molars, and as a soother, when he is sick or upset.

We plan to be rid of it by christmas, but if not, we will try and give it to santa then, to get rid of it.

Cold Turkey!!! My DD was 10 months and we cut it off, mainly because she was waking through the night for it and we had to get up put it in few times. Since we got rid of it we don't hear a peep from her. I hate seeing older kids with them too, but everyone does what they think is best for their bub. We had to listen to her cry for about 5 nghts before she forgot about it. She got a cold at the same time, I think she got run down. It was really hard and you both have to be 100% on the no dummy thing, we were tempted to give in a few times!!! I'm happy we got rid of it now though. She is 12months now.

One of my work mates told me he let his little girl have her dummies til she was two. Then he took her to a toy store, then told her she can pick what ever she wanted, only one item and it was her 'big girl' present. Because she was going to be a big girl, she had to pay for the present with her dummies. He organised it with the cashier to take the dummies from his daughter as if it was money! He had no probs after that!! Because she willingly gave them up... it was her choice.

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

I started to wean my little one off the dummy around 17months. I did it slowly so she didn't get upset, like during the daytime I would take it off her. Then I decided to at 2yrs of age to take it away from nap time and night time, but I did the nap time one first and replace it with her favourite cuddle toy. And then did the night time one last. They may ask for it now and then but just ignore it and don't give in. I found after a week or two she didn't ask for it. Plus I found if you throw out the dummy you are not tempted to give in and give it to them.

21/2 yr girl

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