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Hi everyone,

My DD is 13 months old. She has a jigsaw puzzle that she has just started to want to put together, rather than just tip all the pieces out. If she can't get the piece back in almost immediately, she freaks out. She starts to shake and shudder in frustration and she screams too. It's almost like she's throwing a tantrum because she can't get the puzzle piece in straight away. I would've thought she was too young for this behaviour.

My question is, has anyone else experienced anything similar with their little one?

Thanks for your time in advance.

Mel grin
My 15mth old is just like that, and has been for a while. When he can't do something he clenches (sp?) his fists and shakes all over and then screams. Someone needs to tell them how old they actually are by the sounds of it. lol.

Yes! She clenches her fists too, goes all stiff and shakes! No offence, but I'm glad she's not the only one!
Love that comment about how old they actually are! So true!
dd 18 months has one of those tupperware balls with the shapes and she does that too cos she gets the star confused with the cross. just sit down and practice lots with your daughter til she gets it smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

My eldest dd was like that, and still is sometimes. My DD2 however is very patient and takes her time to do things. It just depends on the child
Absolutely and its not too young for this behaviour. Often little bubs go through a similar stage before a big milestone like crawling, walking and continue to do it as they grow olding with things like difficult toys. Usually it indicates that their mental development is ahead of their physical. This is normal, they kind of leap frog from mental to physical growth throughout thier development.

We tackle it by playing with DD when we introduce a new toy with any difficult things like puzzles. We've also taught her to ask for help which has really curved any frustration. I just make sure she has a few attempts before I help as I don't want her to get lazy - lol.

I think you have a smart little cookie there Mel.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad her behaviour is normal, we were a bit concerned for a while there! In the past day or so she has actually calmed down a bit while doing the puzzle but another bit of behaviour that is worrying me is that if we tell her 'No' or 'Don't touch', she doesn't listen so after 3 times, we have to pick her up and physically move her away from whatever it is she's not allowed to do and when we pick her up, she lashes out at us, waves her arms around and ends up hitting us in the face. It seems quite violent! Is this a frustrated reaction from her too?
[Edited on 30/06/2007]
Hi, This is just frustration at you as you are stopping her from doing what she wants. Be really carefully how you handle this behaviour as this is where us parents can easily go down the wrong path. If she does act out towards you decide on a method for dealing with it that suits you and your partner, for example placing her in a quite spot and letting her know why, but the most important thing is to be consistant (sp?). You have to let her know everytime that you will not accept that behaviour from her or it will escalate and start happening in different situations. She sounds very clever and I am sure she will soon realise its easier just not to do it.

Amanda NSW

When my daughter was younger she was like that and got really upset if she couldnt get it straight away and now she is 2 years old and sometimes she is like that still and maybe one day they will grow out of it and I know if I show her how to do than she is okay and not so upset.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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