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Behaviuor and the Terriable Two's Lock Rss

I don't think she is lazy, maybe she dosen't appreciate the hard arsed approach.
I think it requires a double pronged approach, first of all you do have to be firm and consistent but also it is really important that he gets his quota of hugs and physical attention, I think parents, myself included forget to really do this properly especially with boys, you sort of think they have to learn to be tough but you may find he is calmer in general, also try to ignore bad or unwanted behaviour at home and reward good behaviour, ie good boy, really look at him and mean it and make it second nature because deep down they are not trying to be naughty, they do not understand.
I have twins who are almost 2 and I have been seeing them throw tantrums for a year now. I agree with Sweepy and that it that at this age they are not trying to be naughty, they just don't understand or they get frustrated by their inability to get what they want, so they take the easy way out which is a drop to the floor and scream, etc, etc, in my case.

My rules are that I'm firm, fair and flexbile - I try to ignore the unwanted behaviour (unless it is an issue of safety) and I always reward the good behaviour.... from the smallest spoonful of cereal to helping each other with an activity. So far I haven't had to use time-out, smacking, etc, etc but my behavour management strategies aren't perfect by any means. I try to avoid those things that would trigger the bad behaviours (ie. long trips to the shopping centre and being strapped into a twin pram), wearing shoes, hair ties, eating all of their dinner). I try and make even the mundane things fun and if I can see disaster about to strike I try to avert it by distracting them with something else.

I think at the end of the day, whatever works for you you go with!

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