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Worried about weight Lock Rss

My two year old daughter weighs just under 11kgs and even though she eats a lot and is really happy and active and has never been sick, not even a cold, I feel she should weigh more. Her doctor says she is fine I'm just woundering is there other mums out there worried about there toddlers weight?
I constantly worry about my 20 month old son. He weighs 9.5kg. He doesn't always eat a lot and has lots of food allergies. He's also starting to understand that things make him sick. I just try to keep in mind what the paediatrician has told me: as long as he is active with energy and still growing even if its only a bit, then he is fine. I still worry and stress though.

Michelle, Townsville Qld, 8y, 21mth,16wk

My daughter weiged 12kgs from the time she was 18mths until she was three years old. Even though she eats plenty and isn't sick she just didn't put on weight. The doctor said not to worry and now at three and a half years old she finally put on some weight! She now weighs 14kgs. Try not to worry too much.

Nic, QLD, 3yr +7yr girls

My 12 month old weighs 7 kilos she weighed 2.5 at birth I am always struggling to get her to eat more
and she has never been big on her bottles aswell.
My doctor says that she's fine. But I think worrying just comes with parenthood.
My 12 month old son weighs 8.5 kg about 1 - 1.5 kg lighter than the other babies in my mothers group. But he seems to eat more than the other babies so my health nurse told me he may just have a fast metabolism. It is hard not to worry though, every time I have him weighed I end up disappointed that he hasn't put on a bit more.

Janelle Vic

my 19 month old also only weighs 11kg. when she was born she was tongue tied (she has now had it released) so here the battle began with breast feeding. when she was weaned she never drank more than 60-90ml at a time. i weighed her weekly for over 12months, most weeks i was disappointed hoping she had put on more. i even wrote down in my diary everything that she consumed from 4mth till 10mth. what i have learnt from all my worry and efforts is that what will be will be, and she is a very healthy and active LITTLE girl!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

You are quite right that what will be will be about many things. I have 3 children 24 yo, 19yo & 16months. I realised when my second was about 16 that I was putting in a lot of effort & energy and a lot of worry and not getting very far. I backed off and we started a much better relationship. I think our children need care and guidance, and be allowed to develop the way they are meant to.

Jenny, Townsville, Qld, 24yo, 19yo, 16mth

don't worry my 3year son is only 13.2kg.he eat alot and he is very active.people say that he is fine too,one other he is till for his age as well.

kirsty, new zealand

Hi there, my daughter is 3 in 3 weeks and she is only about 11.5kg.

She eats like a sparrow but does eat quite a variety of foods. It was a bit of a worry when she was little as she ate and liked very little but I dont worry about it now.

She weighed 2.75kg when she was born and she has been steady in weight etc. the entire way, so I would not be too alarmed.

Mum to Jordyn & Brayden

Hi, My 16 month old weighs 8.04kg my doctor says she is petite and always will be, he also says not to fuss if she isn't eating as much as I would like she's happy and healthy. (she was a low birth weight as well but healthy)
Hi sarah,

If only i could go back and take away the stress i gave myself over my daughters weight too! She is now 2 and 2 mths and she weighs 11.5kg. She was also small at birth 2.6kg. I wrote down everything that went in her mouth from the moment she stopped breastfeeding, just so i could moniter her.

If the Drs say all is well, please try not to worry!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I worry constantly about my 22 month old 11.5kg son. He was going really well there for a while (putting on weight) but then had a bout of gastroenteritis and lost around 0.7kg. He to is really happy and active and talks nonstop. I just can't understand why he doesn't seem interested in food. I guess there are lots more important things to worry about but his size seems to consume my toughts.
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