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January 2006 bubs? Anyone? Lock Rss


I was just wondering if there are any other Jan '06 bubs out there?
My DS was born on the 1st January, and is running around everywhere and really never really sits still! He loves Hi-5 and playing outside, he also has about 50 words but learns new ones every day!
He sleeps about 11 hours straight at night, and has a 2 hour nap during the day.

What is you bub up to? Are you planning on having another one in the near future?

Hope to hear from some other mums soon! smile
Hi there,

Nice to hear from another jan o6 mummy. We used to chat heaps in the baby section but it has gone very quiet now!! There is a section in the general section under celebrations etc but not much happening on there, but feel free to check it out!

Anyway, my DD was born on 26th January. She is quite a placid child, keeps herself busy with her toys such as teddies, books, dollhouse, drawing etc. She loves to be outside too and has recently taken a shine to Elmo or "melmo" as she says. She is saying heaps of new words, but says around 30 recognisable words so far. She sleeps 11.5-12 hours overnight and around 2-3 during the day. she goes to kindy 3 days a week whilst I am at work and loves it there.

No plans just yet on another, enjoying little miss too much at the moment. We have also just bought a new house so keen to pay a bit off the homeloan before taking time off work again.

Talk to you soon!!

Hi My name is Melissa and my DS Jye was born on the 6th Jan he has just had the chicken pox vaccination today. He was really good. Anyway Jye is a very happy little man, he doesn't say many words only 10 all up. He knows exactly what you are saying to him and will follow instructions very well. I am not worried about his speech yet!! He loves The Wiggles and Playschool. He is at daycare 1 day a week and we attend plagroup every monday. He sleeps 11-12 hours of a night and 1.5 -2 during the day. He is cutting the eye teeth atm and they have made him a different little man poor thing!!

Anyway talk to you all soon

Mel, Jye 6.1.06&Toby 14.4.08

Hey ladies!

Great to see you are still around Michelle!! Will have to catch up with you and Emily again soon.

My second little boy was due Jan/Feb 06 but decided that he wanted out early and arrived 7 Dec 05. With his development we still go by his corrected age. He is behind his corrected age at the moment but gradually catching up.

He has a full set of teeth.......has done since 13 months of age! He only says about 5 clear words at the moment. He is walking although still very unbalanced.

Jeremy goes to childcare 1 day per week which is really helping him developmentally and we attend playgroup on Thursdays. He sleeps about 10 hours per night with 2 day sleeps of about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each.

Will be great to chat to some mummies of similar age kiddies again.

Take care
Trudie xxx

[Edited on 22/10/2007]

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Hi everyone!

DS Sterling was born 25 January. I did post a few times in the Jan 06 Toddlers thread before it got moved, but never got round to looking for it sad].

Sterling is running around like crazy these days. Loves chasing the dog in the backyard (much to the dog's disgust). His latest trick has been learning to climb up on the lounge. It is his favourite past-time these days, and I often find him just sitting there looking proud as punch with himself!

He doesn't talk much at all yet, but communicates quite well with a point and a good grunt! He says Mum a fair bit, and the occasional Dad, Bub and I Got!. He has a tongue tie but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. He doesn't seem to have problems with any sounds taht I've noticed. He understands everything we say too, and is really good at following instructions. Although he just finds it hysterical when I get mad at him.

He is very organised, and loves to unpack then repack things - like his bibs from the back of the highchair and his toys in the toy box etc. He puts me to shame with his tidying up skills!

Poor boy seems to have caught slap-cheek virus from somewhere so has been a little off for the past few days, but copes quite well with it. He is up to date with his teeth etc. At the moment he tends to sleep a good 12hrs at night, and 2-3hrs during the day - but day sleeps are subject to change depending on whether there's something good on TV etc!!!

Anyway, I'll probably run out of characters soon on this post so better wrap it up! Look forward to hearing everyone's accomplishments!

Linda & Sterling

I have a Nicolas too(spelt different) born 27 january
A very energetic but gentle boy hardly shuts up,learning new words everyday. Loves to play outside with our dog chester said his name in his sleep about half hour ago. Eats well getting better with the spoon but prefers to use his hands

Sleeps all night 5 out of seven 11-12 hrs,day sleep 1-2and a half.Go to kindergym once a week he loves that, loves playschool,wiggles and Brum. We are ttc for no2 have been for 4 mnths hope it happens soon, looking at living in the country in the near future.

Sounds like our January babies are all funloving clever little things.

Cool, its awesome to hear what some other bubs the same age are doing!!!
We have just started TTC bubba #2 last month, so hopefully it will happen soon.
Were currently building our house, so Nicholas loves going to our half built house and running around and screaming! He has already picked out his bedroom! That is the first room he runs to as soon as we go into the house! He hides in the walk in robe!! Should be interesting when its all finished and living there to see if he still wants that bedroom!
Nicholas has just been outside playing in the rain and loves it!

Hope everyones bubs are doing well. Do we all have boys? Looking forward to chatting with you all!
Oops sorry i just looked back over the posts and we do have 1 girl.

Good morning, how is everyone? I seem to have managed to catch DS's lovely virus which has me feeling just great... His virus on the other hand has turned into diahorrea which makes for a lovely surprise first thing in the morning!

Hopefully he'll feel better soon. There's nothing worse than feeling crook hey?!

Was planning a playdate/dinner tomorrow night for DS & his little friends (aka an excuse for me to have my friends over) but since he's passed on his germs I don't think that's a good idea. So will probably try to organise an afternoon tea or something next week.

DH bought DS a Tonka 3-in-1 scoop & ride toy for his 1.5 birthday (DH was very excited about the occasion) and he just loves it. It makes the coolest noises! DH is planning on recording some of them to use as his ringtone/ SMS tone etc on his phone. Being a parent makes us do some strange things I think!

Anyway, hope everyone is well and is having a great day!
Oh Linda you poor thing! I hope you and DS feel much better soon! We have managed to dodge the flu thats been going around, everyone i know seems to have had it at some stage over the last few weeks!

That Tonka 3-in-1 sounds awesome! Weve been looking for one for DS for ages, if i see one in the shop i think i will definitely have to snatch it up!

Hope your feeling better soon!
Thanks mummyk! We went out for a walk in the sun this morning and feel quite a bit better. Or at least I do...

We got the Tonka toy from Target. I think it was about $65 or so on sale. They had heaps there at the time.
Wow little miss Emily is the only girl here so far!!! Have loved reading about your little ones and how they are all going. It is great to hear about others around the same age!!

The language skills are coming along really well here, new words every day!!! She is impressing me heaps, better start watching what we say now, he he.

We have been having heaps of outside time here too, the days are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately,we have had these horrible winter viruses going around - bring on the warm weather to wash it all away!!!

Trudie - nice to see you around too!!! Will have to catch up with you and your precious boys soon. Been so long since we have caught up. At the moment I am still working Monday, Tuesday and Friday - but will be working 4 days from early Sept until the end of the year just not sure what days yet!!!

Emily is transitioning to the toddler room at kindy. I think it will be great for her, learning lots of new things. She sits at the table now, but will also graduate from a cot to a bed for her day sleep there. Not ready for that at home yet, probably around the time she is 2. She also loves to sit on the potty. She does wees and has done a poo too in it, but mostly just sits for now. Will get around to that when the weather warms up too!!!

Anyway, best be off. Will check in regularly to see how all our wonderful January toddlers are doing.

Take care,

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