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Hi, i would just love some advise on toddler beds?! I have almost 2 year old twins, and they are still in their cots. I havent been putting the rail up when they are in it anymore, just to see what they do, and so far no-one has jumped out! But, i am thinking of buying toddler beds today, i would love to put them straight into big beds, but the bed room is rather small, so i can only have them in bunks. So, my question is this, are toddler beds o.k, and how long can they stay in them, a few years?!
Please help, and thank you!

2 beautiful princesses

HI there
I had exactly the same dilema 6 months ago. My twins room was too small to accommodate normal single beds but we didnt want to seperate them as they really love being together. We had to change from the cots as my two monkeys had mastered the art of leaping over the side which resulted in some rather painful injuries sad I went to Babyco and asked thier advise and they said that standard toddler beds should last until approximately 5 years old. It would obviously depend on the size of the individual child. My girls have loved them - they are small enough for them to help make them (bonus) and they fit the standard cot sized mattress on them so we saved money for the short term on not needing to purchase seperate ones. I really like them, it would be great if you could go to a shop where they have them set up and let your twins have a look and see if you all think they are a good idea - the only other suggestion that was made to me was to put a double bed in the room that they could share (the double seemed to fit better than 2 singles) but we chose not to bother with this one just in case it disturbed their sleep routine too much
Have a great day smile
We got our little boy the thomas the tank toddler bed, it is gorgeous and a great size for him for quite a few years!! I think the weight limit was 50kg??

Only thing I dont like is that they are soooo low down to the floor and that makes it really hard to make the bed every morning!!
Hi, I have my two year old in a toddler bed and he just loves it. I think he will be fine in it till at least 6. I would strongly advise staying away from bunks. I had my twins in a bunk and it was one of the best you could buy with higher than standard side rails on the top but my son still managed to fall off during the night and we spent 1 month at westmead and he still can not play sports ect two years later.

Amanda NSW

Ny DD is 5 and still sleeps in a toddler bed. Our one is one that goes from a toddler to 3/4 to full length single bed. We are now looking into getting her some bunks as she wants some friends to stay/ or play and thinks that having this bed makes her look a little silly for her age. The worst thing is that her room isn't really big enough for her bederoom setting and a full length bed. Oh well that's what happens sometimes.

little monkeys

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