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Persistent Night Time Cough Lock Rss

Hmm, night time cough, sounds like asthma.

My boys both get it.

My ds had/has a persistent nighttime cough for over 3 months now and only gets worse when he has a cold.
He has been diagnosed with asthma, but Im not certain it is this as the ventolin does not always stop it.
I have also placed a vapouriser in his room, again this does not always stop the cough but does ease it.
I don't know if you have heard of this trick either, but it does work, especially if they have a cold. Place V!ck$ vapour rub on the soles of their feet, cover feet with socks when sending to bed. It doesn't always work with the persistent cough we are talking about here.... but if your little one has a cold I guarantee it will work a treat !!!!
Sorry I don't have many suggestions as we are still trying to find out what is causing his coughing too.

Good luck !

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

My 3 year old was coughing from the cold weather. Once I placed a heater in her room before she went to bed she stopped coughing. Hope this helps.

I always find using a vaporiser helps my child to breath better. Have you tried elevating the head of the bed? A couple of books under the legs is the way to go.

Vic country Mum

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