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22 Month Old Not Walking - Getting VERY Worried Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I would really appreciate any advice you guys may have for me about my darling little girl...

She's 22 months old and is not walking. She only just learnt to pull to stand and takes no unassisted steps.

She will walk if holding on, but her knees are stiff and she walks with a wide stance and is unsteady.

We have had her ankles x-rayed, her hips ultrasounded, have been to a physio and osteo, and have seen the so called leading orthopediac pediatritian (sp?) in Sydney - no-one can give us an answer.

My ECHN is referring us to EISSCA or EISCCA - an early intervention group who can assess her. But it's up to a 4 mth waiting list. So we are going to take her to a GP and have tests...

Does anyone know what sort of tests we can request - or should we trust the GP will know what to do?

If anyone has been in a smiliar situation I would really appreciate some help/feedback/suggestions...

Hi Mel
You poor thing, i know exactly how you feel, my daughter didnt crawl until 12 months and didnt walk until she was 15 months, and i was really stressing about that, so i can imagine how worried you are...does she crawl Mel and how long has she been crawling.. some kids just do things late, Aaliyah now runs and walks like she's been doing it forever, she is still a little unstable at times, but hopefully she will do it in her own time, i never went to see anybody about her, do you take her to playcentres, where she can try to climb and does she walk in a walker... i really wish you luck.. dont stress, she will do it when shes ready... i await her progress..
take care Nicole

Nicole, NSW, 2 GIRLS

[Edited on 12/09/2007]
I just wanted to offer my support as I am heading down the same path with my ds.
He is 18mths and has only just learnt to crawl. He will walk if someone holds his hand, but other than that he does not even attempt to walk... he will cruise furniture, or pull himself up on things.... but that is the extent of it.
He too is about to be sent to a speach therapist because he doesnt speak, he only says two words, Dad & Car.... he doesn't even say Mum..... and its not for want of trying. He is read to, talked to, things are pointed out to him, we have been to physio for his crawling & walking, and I am nearly at my wits end as to what to do for him.
I am due to have #2 bub in 6 weeks time, and my 1st child isn't walking independently of me yet..... so I am doing my head in at the prospect of two children completely dependent on me to move them from A to B...... Aaarrggggg !!!!

Best wishes.... I hope it all works out for you !!

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

Hi ladies!

Firstly thank you all for replying - I really appreciate it!

[b][u]Nicole[/b][/u] - Taylah never crawled. She has been a bum shuffler from day dot and everytime I tried to get her to crawl she would scream - she hated being on her knees. I've never had her in a walker - because every ECHN told me how bad they are. Now I'm wondering if it would have made a difference... I had one when I was a baby and I walk perfectly fine... Anyway... LOL!

[b][u]Luisa[/b][/u] - Tay is an amazing talker! She never shuts up! LOL! That's what's so hard. Every other milestone she has met before it was due - she counts, does her ABC's knows everyone by name etc etc - she's brilliant. She just can't walk without holding on. I really feel like I have let her down...

[b][u]Shell[/b][/u] - I know exactly how you are feeling! I have had #2 - they are actually 13 mths apart and with Tay not walking it's so frustrating! You will work around it trust me, but it doesn't take away to stress! It is very hard having a baby and a "toddler" that doesn't toddle! If you need to chat - let me know! I know your pain! LOL!!

Sooo... we have an appointment with the GP tomorrow. It's a new GP and the receptionist at the medical ctr recommended him. Fingers crossed that he is thorough and will get some tests underway. I actually posted this q in General and it came back with the response of possible Cerebral Palsy. So we are VERY scared about what is next... I will keep you all posted and again, thank you all so much for your responses.

Cheers, Mel xx
Hey Mel
Firstly you are not to blame for her not walking yet, dont even go there sweety... i used to crawl around on my hands and knees to show Aaliyah, not sure if it worked, Good Luck at GP, i cant wait to hear what they have to say..

Cheers Nicole

Nicole, NSW, 2 GIRLS

Hi Mel,

You must be so worried and frustrated that there is such a long wait for services. As well as being the mum to a 6 month old, I'm also a therapist working with children with cerebral palsy. Given that you have seen a physios and an orthopedic specialist, it's highly likely that you would have received a diagnosis by now, were it to be CP. Also, it sounds like all Taylah's other developmental milestones are being met which is also a great sign (and a sign that you are doing absolutely everything right- THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!) I don't live in Sydney so I'm not sure what the situation is with services there but children under 2 are certainly a priority throughout Australia. Also, I obviously don't know your situation but have you considered seeing a private physio until you can be seen by the early intervention centre?

Good luck and please contact me if there is anything I can do to help.



Sometimes children get there in their own time.

I do understand how hard it is waiting though.

My ds walked at 11 months and I just assumed dd would do the same, she was 18 months when she took her first step. She had seen a physio and is wearing orthotics.

You have done the best you can to get this checked out and find some answers. I don't know what sort of tests you should ask for, but I would encourage you to continue seeking the answers in whatever way you can.

However, you say it's a 4 month wait for this specialist you need to see, and I can understand that is stressful, but there is every chance she may get to walking while you are waiting. But I don't think that means you shouldn't try going through the gp, or even seeking second opinions from different physios etc.
[color=magenta]Hi Ladies!

[b][u]Nicole & Linda[/b][/u] - thank you guys so much for saying it's not my fault that Tay isn't walking yet. I think sometimes us mums are too hard on ourselves and are always ready to take the blame. I just keep thinking if I had given her more tummy time, if I had gotten her a walker, if if if etc! But I am trying to stop the "if's"!! LOL!

[b][u]Linda[/b][/u] - It felt really good reading your post saying that if it was CP it probably would have been picked up by now. I often wondered that myself as we have had so many tests and seen so many specialists! As for the early intervention centre, the ECHN has asked them to make us a priority due to family stresses, so hopefully they can bump us in quicker.

Sooo, we went and saw our new GP yesterday and he was fantastic! He was really thorough and asked us heaps of questions as he had never seen Taylah before. We spent ages with him and he has given us a referal to see a Paediatrician (sp?) who specialises in movement delays. For the moment he isn't going to test for CP as he wants an opinion from a Paed. (we've never seen one before). So depending on what she says, will depend on what further action is taken.

When we told him that Tay has never crawled, only bottom shuffles, he told us that generally when a child doesn't crawl, that can actually hinder the child's ability to walk in the "normal" timeframe. Apparently bottom shufflers build up different muscle area's and when they try to walk, their muscle tone isn't good enough to support them. So that was nice to hear.

He also suggested we get another appointment with the specialist we saw in Sydney for a follow up (the orthopedic paediatrician). I was putting that off because I didn't like the Specialists manner, but the GP told us that's what those specialists are all like! So we are not the only ones they rush in and out!!

The appointment for the paed is Thursday 16th so we are looking forward to that - it will be good to get another opinion.

BUT..... Guess what she did today? [b][u]Neens1[/b][/u] you must be our good luck charm! This afternoon she took 18 unassisted steps!!! We couldn't believe it! They were only very small "dolly" steps but she did 18 of them without getting unsteady and falling! Needless to say we went nuts clapping and cheering and she got HEAPS of jelly beans! LOL!!

Anyway this is turning into a novel so I'd better stop typing! LOL! I will keep you all posted on Tay's progress and a [b][i]HUGE[/b][/i] thank you to you all for responding and caring!

Cheers, Mel[/color]
18 steps that os awesome smile

Bennett didn't walk till 16 mths and as also a non roller and a bum shuffler but he could count to 10 at 20 mths so i knew his brainw as focused on something else smile

now at 3 he's not the most athletic/physical kid but man is he smart smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi everyone,

Well just giving you guys an update on how Taylah is going.

We went and saw a Paed last week who specialises in movement delays. She was absolutely fantastic and very thorough. She has told us to rule out absolutely any form of spasticity or cerebral palsy. Needless to say that was a massive relief and we are so happy.

The Paed told us that due to Taylah not rolling or crawling, she never developed the muscles she was supposed to - the Bi-Lateral movements. So she has referred us to a physiotherapist who will work with us and Taylah and design a program that will encourage Taylah's muscle development. That appointment is this Thursday so we are really looking forward to it.

She also told us that Tay has rolled ankles - her right being more severe and so she will therefore need special shoes - something we will chat about with the physio on Thursday.

All in all it was a very positive outcome and the Paed told us she has no doubt that Taylah will walk normally once we put these strategies in place.

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! What a relief! And now she absolutely loves getting up on her feet and walking around! It's so wonderful to watch and we keep encouraging her as much as we can. It will be even better when we get her shoes that will stop her ankles from rolling in.

So that is where we are at. I will let you guys know how we go at the physio on Thursday!

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well!

Cheers, Mel
Hi Mel

I hope you are ok but dont worry, she will eventually get there I am positive My adorable little boy didnt walk until 14.5 months and was pulling up and around furniture for a long time. Since she is pulling up strongly, then I am sure it will only be a matter of weeks perhaps so maybe wait, but if you are really keen, then you as a parent do what you feel is necessary.

Keep us posted.

I am also from Sydney so I hope someone has helped you.

Love my Jayden

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