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Clicky Hips Lock Rss

I need maybe some advice or reassurance, I really dont know. But please anyone who can help, please do reply to my post

As a baby I had "Clicky hips" as they were known. My condition was fixed simply by wearing a double nappy (two nappies crossed over). My daughter is now almost 14 months old, Up until 6 months she has been constently checked for DDH (as it is now known) In the last few days i have noticed that she has been walking quite awkardly. She walks on the tippy toes on her left side, but normally on the right. When she stands still her left leg is completly straight whilst her right leg she has to bend at the knee to be stable. It also could be a symptom that she cant seem to walk far before she trips over nothing! I have had a quick chat with my MACH nurse as she was passing through my workplace and she seems to think that she may have DDH.

Has anyone ever been through a serious case of Delevopmental Dysplasia with their children? Im scared that i may have found it too late, or that if she has to have an operation what if they cant fix it, what if she can never walk again. ???

Im trying to find information on DDH and all i can find is children that have been through it, and the worse part is the pictures of children in waist high casts and horrible stories to go with it. The pictures are horrible and just keep making me cry!

My little princess seems to be a walking medical case. She is also tongue tied. She cant poke her tongue out at all, it rolls under as she tries. She will need an operation to have that fixed too.

I dont want her to have countless operations, but i know she will have no choice. Im scared that anything could happen. I have always had a bad reaction to aneasthesia, whats happens if Tahlia has a worse reaction? The majority of her years before school is going to consist of hospital visits and operations. How does a mother handle this? Im not sure what to do. I think i feel that im too young to even understand anything like this. I know i should get a proper assesment first before reacting like a total maniac but i cant help it. If i prepare for the worse, the outcome may not seem as bad to me, i dont know. ??? Im just so confused. I have only just turned 19, and I believe that someone out there is older than me and a lot wiser and can maybe offer some kind of advice.

Thanks everyone for listening(reading) to me blabble on, i just hope maybe you can offer me any advice (no matter how small!)

Princess Tahlia - 14.6.2004

Hi Kelntahlia

I was also born with clicky hips (I'm 29 now) and it was fixed with double nappies as well. I have had no further problems with my hips.

I have a 2 year old daughter who was born with a completely dislocated left hip, a left club foot and a missing left kidney among other things wrong with her pelvis structure. Now while she isn't a standard case of DDH we have been through months of trying to fix her problems. Now finally at 2 she is walking (and running) still with a short left leg and a slight limp.

I see your daughter is 14 months old. Has she been walking long? You say she was checked up until the age of 6 months. How thoroughly was she checked and how often? I don't know much about DDH being found later in life, but I do know that with a normal case of DDH, the hip is unstable or dislocated at birth and the child is usually put into a brace or harness for approx 12 weeks. This almost always fixes the problem. I know of someone who's daughter had DDH but they didn't pick it up until she walked, but I don't think they even did a hip test before then.

I can't really tell you much except that try not to worry. Go and see a peadiatrician (a good one) and learn to trust your gut feeling. If you aren't satisfied with the outcome, get a second opinion. I have had to learn to trust my gut and it is sometimes hard to know if you are overreacting because you don't want anything to harm your precious baby.

My daughter was a severe case and she had other problems as well as her hip. Her hip wouldn't grow and it took ten months in a harness and brace to fix it. I had many times where I wondered if she would ever walk and how many operations she would have to endure over her life. We are finished for the moment, but her leg will eventually need lengthening which is another major op. We are just enjoying her now. Your little girl, whether she has DDH or not will walk forever and be happy and healthy.

As for the anaesthesia, I was petrified the first time Mackenzie had one. Nothing will prepare you for it but if you tell the anaesthetist everything about your reactions, they are fully aware that it is her first time and will take every precaution. Mackenzie has now had five anaesthetics, more than me and her dad put together. One thing I have found through this whole thing is that they are little troopers. Nothing fazes them. They are so strong. We are the ones who find it so hard to cope. They just deal with the situation and get on with whatever. They are truly amazing little creatures.

I don't really think I have helped very much. You now know that there is someone else out there who has had to deal with DDH and we have come out the other end still intact. All I can advise is go and see a doctor asap and find out either way what is happening. If you need to talk anymore I'll be here.

Take care and let me know how you go.

Kirrillea, mum of 2

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