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What is your 22 month old up to? Lock Rss

Just curious to know if you have a 22 month old or similar age. Im planning to have 22 months difference between my babies. My first is 11 months now. I would just like to know what he would be up to at that age.
Thanx in advance.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

yes mishka mine is 2 yrs old in two weeks and there is no way i could imagine having another one at this age. it is very challenging but at the same time we are enjoying her very much. we're planning for a 3 yr gap or there abouts.
my little girl is 20 months on the 5th feb. we've been trying for another one for 14 months now. i think its good to have not a to bigger gap between babies.

they are just curious wanna suss everything out. eilish still sleeps alot of the time. she is a great kid.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi there
I had 23 months between my two girls and it has been a roller coaster ride with my older one, but I'm thankful I didn't wait until now (3 yrs). When Loren was born Gracyn wasn't very interested at all in the new arrival and seemed to take it in her stride, she never woke when Loren woke during the night and never seemed at all interested in babies. Although she was there for the birth and was excited about mummy and baby, yet she was still a baby herself. Now Gracyn is fascinated in babies and the complete opposite to how she was. She also is very demanding for attention and fights like cat and dog with her sister. I'm glad I don't have a new born at the age she is now. I think it's all up to the individual, in my case I think a 3 year age gap would have been too long and harder for Gracyn to adapt to a new arrival especially because she is very close to both mum and dad.

Susan,NZ,3 yr old,1yr old littlies

hi mishka

i had a 2 1/2 year gap between my daughter and son and i found that she was like a little mum helping with nappy changes and bath time i think it made her feel important, plus i encouraged her to help. i think having a new baby that was a good sleeper helped too because i could still give her the time she needed to. it's not that hard just don't forget your todderler when baby comes.
i don't think it makes a difference what age gap you have i had a 6 year gap between my first two.
I have a 23 month old and a 6 month old. I found it not as hard as I thought. I don't have alot of family support and my hubby and I found that having a routine and sticking to it worked really well.
There is 17 months between them and now my daughter is playing and mothering her little brother which is just gorgeous. smile

Barbara,WA,Rochelle 03/02 + Nicholas 08/03 smile

I have two boys with a 22 month age gap. At times it has been a challenge but I wouldn't change things for the world. The second time around I was much more relaxed because we had been there and done that before. Last time I gave up B/Fing at 3 months as we were both miserable...this time my 6 month old boy is happily still feeding and my older boy has (finally) stopped wanting to sit on my lap while I feed the baby. That really was about as far as the jealousy thing went - he wanted to sit on my lap when I was feeding - which I learnt to deal with. My oldest boy goes to daycare one day a week though which is good for him to spend some time with kids his age and good for the baby as I then have a whole day to devote to just him (and some me time while he naps)!

Really though it is a personal decision...both my boys have been 'easy' kids....

Mummy to Owen (2) & Brett (6months)

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