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Breastfeeding 3yold????? Lock Rss

My son will be 3 next month and still has BFeed when he wakes, hops into bed with me and also before bed.
The left boob is named Donny and the right one is Jack and their overall name is "ninkenpoops".
Ninkenpoops comes from when he was 8 months old he was asking for a drink and I was calling him a NP and he has called them that ever since and I don't know how or why he came up with their individual names.
I said all along I will feed as long as he wants but I really thought that it would of been 12-15 months.
I am over it and would gladly stop but I am afraid Donny and Jack are very close bosum buddies. LOL.
I keep telling him that when he is 3 the ninkenpoops will stop making milk and you should see the dirty look I get.
Anyone with any ideas or been there??


Being 3 your son knows and understands alot more than what we give them credit for. It's time to say no more boobies and big boys use cups.
Then the hard part. You DON'T give in!!! Once you say no more it means no more and stick to it. It's the same with anything that we try to teach our kids, be CONSISTENT.
The only reason your son is still breast feeding is because you allow him to. So really it's up to you to stop it. The tantrums wont last forever
Hi there

Firstly i want to congratulate you for doing it for this long. I don't see a problem with it if you are both happy with it, sounds like your ds is more than you at the moment. I really dont agree that you are still breastfeeding because YOU have allowed it. Each child is different and will let go when they are ready.(sure they wont be doing it when 15 will be embarrassed by then Ha Ha)
My ds weaned him self at 19mnt as he just started playing with them more than drinking so we both stopped happily. I understand you are over it but don't ever feel pressured to give up.
This is something you have to decide on, I haven't been in your sittuation but if i was I would keep explaining to him that he is a big boy and they don't drink mummies milk anymore, you never know he might stop on his own, very soon just read his signs(easier said than done i'm sure)remember its very good for them and no one needs to know. I say good on you and hope everything goes your way.

Thanks for that, it has just reasurred my thoughts,don't get me wrong I am not hating it but I don't think I will miss it, not as much as Tyler anyway. My eldest son is going on 31 years then another son 28 and I B/F for 8 months with the first as my old fashioned Mum said that I had to wean him before the summer or the baby would dehydrate and the 2nd for 12.5 months. I don't feel pressured in any way but I do hope it will be soon. Tyler has never asks when there has been people around so unless I told people they would never know, but (lol) my mum who is 85 would have a fit and think it was ridiculous, she is in Victoria and I am in Qld and Tyler doesn't talk about it and he calls them Nickenpoops so no-one knows what he is talking about anyway.I will let you know the outcome.


my dd fed for 16 1st bub a few days as i was young.....and my second for 10 months when he weaned himself and my DD at 16 months...tho sad...i was happy she stopped on her own as my limit was aged 2! i personally thru experience with friends feeel that they do it for themseleves not their baby.....but dont get me wrong i know of one mum that stopped at age 3 too santa came to visit and took boobie milk away for a cool pressie! anyway good on you ...yopu will know when right!

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Forgot to say, I have been telling him that when he is 3 that NP"s stop making milk but if that fails and he is little older Santa might come in very handy.


Hi, I have been there My girl was like that I just told her what you told your son that my boobs stoped making milk and just stuck with it and i ended up having too give her a bottle of milk to get her to sleep well she wouldn't sleep without boob. There was tantrums and it was hard at first but she got atatched to the bottle then it was hard to get her to stop walking around with that, It was going to kindy the next year that i was able to say that your going to school and big kids don't drink from bottles. I had to give her a drink of milk in a cup and leave the cup there incase she got thersty but she was ok. hope it helps, if u what to talk some more i would like to hear how your going

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Good, there is someone else out there.
Funny, since I have been on this site the last 3 out of 4 mornings Tyler hasn't even asked so he hasn't got! Maybe it is starting to happen naturally (which is what I want).
I will keep you updated.


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