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drinking from a straw! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Just wondering how do I teach my one year old to drink from a straw?
Is she too young for a straw, she puts her mouth on it but wont suck and ends up pulling it out and playing with it.

I would like to give her milkshakes but she makes too much mess with a cup. Also when is a good time to introduce a cup with no lid?

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi there
I had the same problem. I tried for quite some time to get my baby to drink from a cup and a straw. She didn't seem at all interested and did all the same things as your wee one. However, she is now 15 months old and all she does is drink from a cup with a straw. It came down to perservence and development. She just wasn't ready when I tried earlier on but now drinks really well! As for the cup with no lid I waited until my oldest was well over 2 before I knew she wouldn't spill it everywhere. Good luck, she will get there in the end.

Susan,NZ,3 yr old,1yr old littlies

Hi there. We taught our daughter to drink from a straw at 10 months by using 'poppers', the fruit ones that comes with a straw. At first squeeze the juice up the straw and persist a little, then you will find in no time they will hopefully be sucking away. Unfortunately then you'll spend the next 12 months trying to get them not to pull the straw and run with it so they can suck up bath water, puddles or anything else they can....
My son was drinking from a straw at 41/2months. I got water one day in a bottle and wass drinking it from a straw . And my son was trying to get hold of it and drink from it. At first he couldn't but what I did was fill the straw up, and let the contents just fall otut. Eventually my son learned to start sucking on it when there was no more left. So from than on he just continued to suck the straw. and that was the easiest way that I found.

mel, qld, tristan 4

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