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Huggies Help Panel - Nutritionist Rss

Hi Everyone

Our nutritionist Leanne Cooper, on our Huggies Help Panel, is ready to answer your questions about your toddler's nutrition.

Leanne has also written some articles that feature in our Feeding Your Baby section here on the Huggies website. I'm sure they will be interesting reading for all of us mums.

Huggies Forum Team

[Edited on 20/10/2007]
My daughter of 20 months old is still breastfeeding 3-4 times a day. I find it impossible to get my toddler to drink cow's milk. Is there much calcium in breastmilk? Have you got any suggestions on how i could get her to drink cow's milk? she likes yogurt, loves ice-cream and sometimes is interested in cheese, but i'm worried about her calcium intake.
Hello, I have a 10 month old and I would like to start him on cows milk. What are the pros and cons? Thank you
Hello, my daughter we have found she reacts to dairy, she is 13 months and ever since we started her on formula (2months) she was doing constant runny poos and little vomits and just unsettled, since I have cut her yoghurt and only allowing 1 100ml bottle a day she has settled right down, sleeping again and no more runny poos, my q is what other milk products can I give her she doesn't like soy and would like to know if there is any others because I feel she isn't getting enough calcium etc by not giving her yogurts and more milk? Thanks

I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl. since october she has been in and out of hospital with medical issues to do with her bones. she is finally starting to get over it all but it has left us with the problem with she wont eat anything other than chicken nuggets and chips. It is affecting her health as well she is aneamic and is only 80cm and 11kg which is the 3rd percentile. As soon as we put food in front of her she says she is full and wont eat. It is to the point that she is severly constipated as well.

I just dont know where to go from here i have tried everything. Any suggestions would be good.


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