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When only Vegemite will do Lock Rss

My son, 23 months, is currently going through a vegemite stage.
Some evenings he will turn his nose up at his vegetable, which he loves, in favour of a vegemite sandwhich. I had been thinking it was because he wasn't hungry but he will eat 2 sanwhiches.
So we are pretty much just giving him vegemite at the moment. How sad is that.

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not sad at all. just as long as the child is eating and putting on weight as well as being healthy then you have nothing to worry about. if my child doesnt eat dinner i wait until he has some of it then get what he likes a sandwhich.

Yeah its amazing the phases they go through hey? I find that with my lil 16month old girl, she loves tomato based stuff atm and we giver her salsa on most things lol.

I figure too at times if she doesnt want to eat then she doesnt have to. I know im not hungry all the time. She'll eat when shes hungry lol.

All d best


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My son also loves his vegemite sandwiches. He's usually very good with his dinner, but when he's sick and doesn't feel like eating it, I always make him a couple of vegemite sandwiches and he manages to eat them without a fuss. I suppose the sandwiches are better than having no dinner at all.

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