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  5. Hey all,just wondering how many of u r still b/feeding your toddlers between 1- 2yrs old??

Hey all,just wondering how many of u r still b/feeding your toddlers between 1- 2yrs old?? Lock Rss

i hav a 2yr old dd and shes b/fed still in the process of weaning and wondering how many of u are doing this tooo????

Hi my name is kate i have a little boy called sean he has just turned 1 on the 17th.. I breast feed for 3 weeks, i want giving him enough milk so i put him on formula and then when he was about 10 1/2 months i think i started giving him cows milk or was it 11 months.. I am not quite sure and he loves it he has 2 bottles and the rest food. and (snacks) to keep him happy, i am pretty sure u can give ur little on cows milk now.. does she eat yogurts and other food.
I am sure she can come off ur boob and have normal milk now.
I am still breastfeeding my 14 month old and plan to feed until about 18 months. She has two breast feeds a day - one first thing and again before bed. She also drinks cows milk from a cup with her lunch.

I would be very interested in hearing how you go with your weaning. It is in the 'too hard basket' for me at the moment as she is so contented with the breastfeeds and it has become a nice cuddly time for us. However I'm keen to have another baby and whilst I know people successfully feed two kids - the idea makes my head spin! Personally I would like to have DD well and truly weaned well before a new arrival.

Let me know how you go and what challenges you have, and which feeds you gave up first.

Good on you for such a breastfeeding effort!
I stopped BF DD when she was 18 months old. I was hoping to continue till she turned 2, but I realised it was mainly comfort feeding. DD eats soo much food during the day, the BF was just a tool to lull her to sleep.

So I just gradually stopped offering her the breast. She didn't even care ! She'd make a few attempts to get it, but when refused would happily accept a biscuit or drink.
I have a 14month DD and we are still going strong...i am hoping to have her self wean, but we will see, she is such a boobie addict!!

All i can say is well done for feeding for this long and as long as you and your DD are happy, thats all that matters..(ignore everyone else!)
My little man is almost 16 months old & still breastfeeding between 3-6 times a day.
Im hoping to get to at least 2 years & hope that bubba will self wean some time after then.
As PP said do what you feel is best for you & your bub. Best wishes & well done on feeding this long.


Hey i have just found out i am pregnant with my 3rd but my daughter is only nearly 1 however she is not interested in drinking anything but water from a sports bottle and my breast milk this would be ok but im to tired to keep feeding her i feel so mean but i have cut her down to a night feed and a morning feed. Does anybody have any suggestions to make her drink milk i have tried formula about 3 kinds and cows milk out of sipper cups 3 different kinds of bottles but she just doesnt want to know about it im very worried so any suggestions would be great thanks j
hey thanks for all your replies, we just found out a couple of days ago that we r expecting so i need to hurry up the weaning process as i want 'breastfeeding free' time for 8months!b 4 i start again!!
it is difficult as dd will not hav cows milk and loves comfort and sleeping to her feeds which i am cutting down on gradually hopefully ended by this month,which will b sad as we hav been so close for 2 yrs of b/feeding,anyway good luck with your feeding and weaning!

congrats on ya exciting!
well as with my ticker thingy..our lil b/f relationship is as strong as the day he was born..he is b/f when ever he likes..unless i put it off..and sometimes it can be annoying but in the whole picture he is such a happy healthy boy...19 monthes old..and i cant even think about weaning yet..oh there have been times..but we are happy even with the rude and sometimes thoughtless remarks..i just laugh..i am happy!

Hi, my Jack is 23 months and still loves booby. We range from 2 to 4 a day and more if he's not feeling well. I often think I should wean, but am not sure. I figure that its a natural thing and if I'm making milk, why not let him have it. I'm hoping he will wean on his own (hopefully not till he's 5). I saw a feature on the news alittle while ago where a lady said, "why do we force cows milk on them when we are still producing human milk" (not word by word but I think you get the point). My biggest drama is he's not a big eater and I struggle to put good things into him. I'd like to think that he is still getting some good nutrition from me.
Just a comment, I didn't mean that I wanted him to feed till he was 5, I ment I hope he doesnt keep going till he's five.
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