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Snack Ideas for Fussy Toddler Lock Rss

Hi there my Toddler is so fussy hates meat, vegetables and fruit and I really need morning and afternoon tea ideas, especailly stuff I can take to daycare. Cant have anything containing peanuts are they are banned from daycare.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Well Beth really likes the dry biscuits by premium, you can get wholemeal ones. I don't even have to put spread on them, they taste nice as is.

She also like the vegimite flavoured biscuits every now and then. They are similar to Shapes but flavoured like vegemite.

Those cheese sticks that you just peel the wrapper off are easy too.

Plain old ice cream cones keep her busy too.

To get Beth to eat more vegies I buy 2 minute noodles and break them up before I cook them and mix some Heinz supersweet corn and peas with it. When she goes for a handfull of noodles she gets vegies too and because they are sweet she doesn't mind.

Hope any of these help.
I like pancakes made with wholemeal flour 1 cup, one egg and milk to mix. I add a banana or tinned apple or grated apple to the mix. I do not put any sugar in and they taste great. I make them palm size and this makes about 15 so plenty for a afternoon snack for both of us and morning snack for child care. Oliver will usually eat about 4 at a time.

I also make toast fingers, Toast topped with all sorts like mince and cheese and melt in the microwave for 30 seconds and they are nice warm and also yummy eaten cold.

Oliver is happy with a slices of cheese and a handful of rice crackers.

I also like the rice cakes with avocado and cheese.

Each day for child care I send a little note with Olivers meal plan and the following is for tomorrow, I cut and pasted it from word so it is a it wobbly........

Morning Tea: Picklets
Yoghurt with strawberries

Lunch: Chicken and cheese sandwch

Milk A2 full cream (straw sipper cup)

Afternoon Tea: Banana Jatz and cheese


Extra: Tinned fruit

I always send the tinned fruit just in case but only once did they use it. They say he eats all or most of what I send each day.

Hope this helps. smile

Maryanne & Oliver 27/04/2004

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