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hi i have a 9 month old who is eating vegies ect but trying to introduce the food more solid now, he wont take it and if he does starts to gag and then throws up what you give him plus milk will not take anything lumpy can anyone suggest or help


I am going throught he same thing at the moment - well i think so anyway!
My boy is 12 months old and had reflux as a baby, he is now seeing a speech therapist to have exercisesto strengthen his gag reflex, damaged by his reflux!
I have been avoiding giving him foods that i have learnt will make him spew it up as he was losing weight! I founf he hasn't lost any weight since i really mashed up his food!
Your baby could just be fussy, so just stick with it for awhile, he just may not beready for it yet, if you're worried see your doctor or health nurse, i'm hoping your boy doesn't get to the extent Mitch is at the moment!
i also give him milk as he wants it, the health nurse said to only give him a certain amount of milk, but he's having more than she said as he is getting the good stuff from it he should be getting from solids, the paediatrician said that was fine!
Hopefully your baby is just fussy, keep an eye on his weight and then you'll know if it's having an effect on him or not!
Good luck!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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