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annoying bottles Lock Rss

I have weaned my 13 month old of the breast and she is having cows milk bottles happily but I'm getting really annoyed with the bottles. We have 'wide neck' tommee tippee and 'wide neck' pur but the teats are contantly 'sucking in' so that Maya cant drink. I loosen the lids as much as possible but this often makes the bottle leak?? Do all bottles do this? Are the thin bottles better or a different brand? Does anyone have this problem with avent? I havent tried them as their just that bit more expensive...

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Beths thin bottles used to do that with the pidgeon teats. Its because she was squashing down on the teet in her mouth then sucking and not releasing it for the air to come through.

Do you get what I mean?? Its after breast feeding, they generally dont let go of the latch once on. We would have to unscrew the bottle and rescrew it up to release the air and it would just pop open again.

From memory she got used to it, we just had to spend a few weeks fixing it up for her. I hope this helps more than confuses.
Hi Sararead.

I use the Avent bottles and teats and have found them to be fantastic. They are a little bit more expensive but well worth it.

I started by using the thin bottles and experienced the same issue with the teat sucking in, so switched to Avent. Many of the Mums in my Mothers group use them and recommended them to me. I also use Avent sipper cups as you can just change the spout as your child grows without having to replace the entire cup.

I hope this helps.
I have 3 kids and neither of them have ever had a bottle. I've been breastfeeding to start off with, then they've all been drinking from a cup from about 5 months age. My best advice would be to get rid of the bottles all together if they're causing you grief. Get a few of those cups without screw-on lid, so they can be used without the lid later... That way they can be used for years to come.

Good luck

qld mum

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