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2 minute noodles Lock Rss

Every now and then when we need a quick lunch I cook up some 97% fat free 2 min noodles and mix them through with some peas and corn.

I am not good at understanding nutrition labels and was wondering if this is a bad option?
Bennett loves 2 minute noodles but I dont use the fat free ones.

I think you aren't supposed to use anything fat free for them on a regular basis till they are 5ish..........

good idea about the peas and corn will have to try that!!


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi there,

I only use the fat free noodles too. The full fat ones tend to be pre-fried in palm oil which is a little too full on for little bodies I think. The other problem with the full fat noodles is they can be very high in salt - not good for little kidney's. I will mix veges through the noodles as well as some grated cheese and chicken (cold chicken left over or any other meat we have left over from the previous nights dinner). I think using fat free stuff is OK if it is small doses. Things like fat free milk and other dairy isn't a good idea, nor is artificial sweetener. I think if you balance the meals well enough they make a nice easy alternative.

Mum, 15month boy, 3yr girl

If these are the 2 minute dried noodles please be careful about sodium levels as I believe they are very high in sodium (salt) which is not good for young children. If in doubt, please ask Maternal Child Health Nurse.

Rhonda, Vic

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