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Best Sippy Cup Lock Rss

My 11 month old has decided that he does not want to breast feed any longer, he will only take a morning feed. He will take milk from a bottle but I dont really want to wean on to a bottle as it might cause additional problems down the track getting him off the bottle.
We use the AVENT bottles and sippy cups but he will only take minimal milk from a sippy cup. If I change the sipper to a teat he will drink the whole lot. Do you think I should just give in a give him the bottle or maybe try a different sippy cup?
He eats yoghurt, custard and milk in his cereal as well as the morning breast feed so I'm not sure whether it is worth perservering with the additional bottles at all...

Any advice?

If it were me and I were confident he was getting enough calcium other ways I would just keep offering milk in the sippy cup but not push it too much. I found with my daughter that in just about anything new I wanted her to do or try it was a matter of perserverence. I would keep offering it and keep an eye on the calcium intake.

I use the Avent cups too and I find them good. The only other cup I have used that is really good is the Tommee Tippee straw cup. My daughter used it from younger than twelve months. I have heard that breastfed babies tend to be able to drink from a straw better than a sippy cup. Just a suggestion anyway!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

My son has been trying to use a cup with a spout ever since I started removing bottle feeds one at a time from 6 months. I have only found 1 cup he could even get any liquid out of and that was with me tipping it up for him. He has finally worked out how to use it himself at 13 months so please perservere as it will click eventually. The cup is a tommee tippee Nuby that comes in various colours (ie. yellow, red, blue) with no handles but curved for easy gripping. It has a silicone spout which is the same material as a bottle teat, and as it has no valve, it is easier to get the drink out. It will take 295mls of drink so it is even big enough for a whole bottle feed of 265mls if you need it for a full before bed bottle. I first found them at Big W for $6.88 and I have now also seen them at K-Mart and Coles. The problem with valves is they are a lot harder to drink from as you have to suck really hard to get the drink out. You can try yourself and see the problem. My son couldn't even get drink out with me tipping the cup for him so when I found this cup I was over the moon. It has 3 slits in the spout which only open when you put pressure on the spout to drink from it so they are as spillproof as the valve cups. I recommend them and bought one for my sister. There is one problem with them. Don't leave them in hot water too long as the measurements wear off the side easily. I am letting them know for future reference. Remember drinking from a cup takes practice like all skills so you might need to be patient. Good Luck.

Rhonda, Vic

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