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When to stop formula??? Lock Rss

Hi all...
Just wanted to know alll your thoughts on when to stop formula for cows milk.
My son will be 1 next Wednesday and has a cup of cows milk with his breakfast and a formula before lunch and sometimes 1 before dinner..
He is practically eating what ever we eating
Weetbix/porridge/yoghurt for breakfast
sandwich for lunch
and meat and veges for dinner..
Just wanted your thoughts


hi shell,my two are 14mths old Ive got them on cows milk for breakfast plus any sauces i make for dinner,they have pretty much the same food as we do now . but i have got them on nestle toddler gold formula,only cause it has bifidus in it which protect the bowels , and zinc for the immune system plus some other stuff in it, i have spoke to the health nurses they say cows milk is good enough but i have heard that it is stripped of so many things.and also i feel my two are noway eating as much as the toddler books say.they just changed straight over to it at 12mths....... cheers tracy
Hi there,

I started my daughter (now 17months) on cow's milk at around 10 months - in small doses initially- and then worked up gradually as I became more confident that her body was fine with it (no milk sensitivities or allgeries). I gave the formula away at around 13months. My little one has always been a good eater however, and if she didn't have such a varied diet, I probably would have kept it up for a little while longer. From memory, I kept the last formula drink of the day for bedtime. Once the formula was off the menu, so were the bottles. I found it a great way of making the transition from bottles to cups (sipper cups).

Mum, 15month boy, 3yr girl

My son will be on formula up to his 2nd birthday if he will still take it that long as we are semi-vegetarian so Iron is an issue for him. If there are no such issues for your child and there is enough iron in his diet then there is no reason why you can't start giving cows milk at 12 months. Start with small amounts first to make sure there are no allergies and then cows milk should be fine. Remember a toddler (from 12 months) only requires around 600mls of milk per day or alternatives if milk is not a favourite (ie. yoghurt, cheese etc.) so don't let your toddler fill up on milk and leave no room for other food. It looks like he eats quite well for his age so I think there will be no problem there. I am not a nutritionist or dietician but those are my thoughts.

Rhonda, Vic

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