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3 Yr Old - Refusing to eat dinner!! Lock Rss

My 3 Yr Old son Lachlan has always been a polite and active child, but the last 4 weeks have been a real test. He is refusing to eat tea, I have tried everything, no tv, no toys, sitting alone, sitting with us, and even sending him to bed but nothing is working! He eats fine during the day and just says he would rather go to bed than eat tea!

Any suggestions?


i know how you feel my 2 and 1/2 yr old is doing the same thing aswell any suggestions would be gr8!!!!!!!!

Hey i know the feeling. my daughter whos 3 1/2 doesnt want to eat dinner even shes refused the foods that she does like. Yeh ive just left her to the dinner and if she doesnt want it then we throw it in the bin we dont give her any second chances. she does cry for it but we say its in the bin and u get no treats caue u didnt eat your dinner if u are hungry eata bananana. i would encourage him to eat even if its just fruit. at least its something. i came to the fact that i cant force her if shes not gong to eat. she will eventually go back to eating but at the moment its just take it or leave it. none of those things like no tv or toys work. theydont fully understand. My daughter eats alot during the day like lachlan. she eats cereal and a muffin in the morning, lunch is yogurt, 3 slices of ham and bread witha any spread. i wouldnt get stressedabout it just leave him to the food and if he eats great if he doesnt well not much we can do about that. its a stage theyall go through. just offer him something else like fruit. good luck.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

While I'm sorry you guys are experiencing this, I can't tell you how much better I feel that it's not just me! It is so frustrating! I put my 2.5 year old in her chair and give her her dinner and she flatly refuses! I eat with her every night, but it doesn't help. So she hasn't had dinner for four nights and I start to question what to give her!!! The fruit idea is a good one, generally she will eat fruit. Guess that's something I can do and wait for her to eat. I am also not giving alternatives, as I reckon this will just create further problems. Man it's difficult! Would be really interested to see what others do!
My 18 M.O has just started becoming really fussy (with all meals), and usually he has enough dinner for me to give him some yoghurt or custard for dessert, so I know he will be full. But tonight was a different story, and he wouldnt eat any of his dinner. So after offering it to him for an hr, and him in hysterics, I am going to give him a go at putting him to bed with no dinner. Sounds mean, but I think it is the only option. He still has a full bottle, so I am hoping that will get him through the night. Fingers crossed.........Any other suggestions would be great, as I dont know what else to do. The fruit idea is a good one, but he has gone off that too!

my little girl did this for a little while and i dicover she was too tired for tea. I now serve hers earlier (between 5.30 and 6) she has the same as us i just cook earlier and we at ours later.

What has really helped me when she wont eat is i say quick listen, and make some music sounds, i then tell her that it is the chicken/corn whatever that is on the fork. I say theres a party in your belly, can you hear it (listen to their tummy)? the whatever has the music so you better let him in. Next forkful brings the balloons, next brings the cat. What ever you can think of. SO far we have had clean plates for 2 weeks using this. you feel like an absolute nut case but it works....

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