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Is it normal?? Lock Rss

Hi my 14 month old daughter is just starting to try finger foods. She has refused them up till now and is more willing now that her enlarged tonsils are out.

However with most things she will have a little bite and move it round in her mouth and then she spits it out. Is this normal?? I am getting a little concerned as other children I know her age don't do this but then they haven't had her problems

Any advice would be great.
I don't think it is abnormal, it's just that it usually happens at an earlier age. By the sound of things she has had a rough trot with her tonsils so she may still be scared to swallow more solid food.

Give her a bit of time and if she is still doing it get it checked out with your doctor just to make sure her gag reflex isn't too sensitive or something.

I am by no means an expert, that's just my thoughts. Hope it helped a little.
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