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Won't eat meat or potatoes Lock Rss

My 2 and 1/2 year old daughter is incredibly fussy and so far the only meat I have been able to get her to eat is meat pies, chicken nuggets and fish fingers. I hate giving her all of these and wonder if the benefits of actually eating some meat outweigh the negatives.

I have a friend who is a speech pathologist who thought it may be a chewing problem. But how do I fix it??? DOes anyone have any ideas?
Hi my son also doesn't really like meat (though he's only 18mths) The health nurse said it's normal for them to not like meat because of the texture. I assume she eats other textures like crackers and fruit which require chewing? Anyway I hide meat in Harrison's food ie, finely chopped chicken in risotto, spag bol etc YOu can also give her baked beans as they are full of protein also eggs.
Good luck and remember that meat is only part of a healthy diet and vegetarian are usually healthy.

Thanks, I will try not to worry!
I think you don't force her because doctor says that it is harm for health.
Thank you.
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