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Nee dhelp for my 16 month old Lock Rss

Ok well this is going to sound bad and i think its going to be a bit long as well.

My son want eat vegs at all he sometimes likes carrote and potatos but hes not a big veg eater i was worried about him not eating them and when i went to the supermarket i found they had frozen veg fingers for kid with heaps of vegs in them. I give him 2 of them per night and he eats them like their is no tomorrow. It it good for him to have them? I dont deep fry them i put them in the oven.

Aslo hes still on formula and most people look at me like i am bad but he dosent eat much during the day even though i offer it to him all the time he want touch it. I can get him to eat cheese and yoghurt but thats it so is it ok hes still on formula? he will take cows milk but how much formul and cows milk should i give him?

Other then that he loves all kinds of fruite from apples to watermellon and will eat most meats.

sorry it took so long


TTC a baby girl

You can keep giving him formula if you think it will help him. It won't hurt him at all. Vegetarians are usually advised to continue with formula to 2 years because of the possible lack of iron in their children's diets and I am doing that for that reason. 600mls of milk per day or the equivalent in other calcium rich foods is sufficient for his needs. If we give children too much milk it fills them up and they are less likely to eat other foods. I was only just reading that a toddlers stomach is only as big as their fist. Not much room for food then is there?? This explains why they don't eat that much food. I was also reading that it takes from 8 to 15 times for a toddler to become familiar enough with a food to even be prepared to try it so perhaps if you keep perservering with the veges you might have some luck. If you offer variety he should be fine. The Vege fingers are no worse than fish fingers and I have resorted to them for my man to have some fish so unless a dietician tells you otherwise they should be fine. Relax. If your little man is putting on sufficient weight he'll be fine.


Rhonda, Vic

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