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  5. Does anyone else have a screaming match with there 20month old just about every meal time?

Does anyone else have a screaming match with there 20month old just about every meal time? Lock Rss

Hi Janeen,

Thats wonderful news that things are obviously getting better! smile There is nothing worse than feeding stress.

I hope it works well for me too, not much luck tonight on the carrots,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Janeen,

It has been a pleasure to come here and offer you advice. I am so happy to hear that things are improving... obviously something you did worked well grin

A great big (((hug))) for Caleb too, what a good boy!!

Keep us posted...

Michelle grin
I read somewhere that some toddlers will get interested in food if they helped make it...has anyone tried this? in the magazine I read, it had a recipe for zucchini muffins....they were like a zucchini slice in muffin form and they suggested having the toddler break the eggs into the bowl, or stir the mixture, or fill the muffin tins, and make it seem as if the child had 'made' the food and therefore in theory the child would want to taste the food after it was cooked to see if their cooking worked.....dunno if it would work or little girl is eating ok at the moment, and is too little to stir the mixture for me yet, but I would love to know if having the child do the cooking, helps them to eat the food.
Hope what I've said makes sense,

Hi Georgina,

That's a great idea smile , but maybe a bit too early for this age group!

My daughter is now 2 and 9 months, and only now, would i begin to give her any minor job in the kitchen. Not to mention that by the time the food is cooked, and cooled to eat, she has normally forgotten all about it.

I have tried the " watch mum cook your dinner thing ", and i know she really tries to like the food, but so far not much success.

Must say again, that this is a great idea, but probably for over 3's,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi there,

I would have to agree that Georgina's idea is a good one for the slightly older child. My 16 month old daughter would probably do more harm than good if I let her loose to help in the kitchen. I have stored the idea away for later when I feel it will be more appropriate.

Thanks for the tip.

Thanks guys.....when Naomi gets there, I'm hoping to try it, but if you think that it will be better for over threes,....I've still got two years before I can teach her to cook....what a pity....guess I've got to cook the meals by myself for a bit longer!!! smile

Hi Georgina,

Can you put her in her high chair in the kitchen to watch. My daughter is lucky enough to have a breakfast bar to stand up at to watch me cook and she loves it. I get some work done and she is happy watching, even if she has a nibble on something on the way,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks Tepe,
Yes,...if I really need to get something done in the kitchen and Naomi is in the way I have done that before today...thanks for the suggestion though. Really I don't have any trouble with Naomi at the moment, I only put my two cents into this forum cos I was interested what others thought about my idea of getting the toddler to help cook. Naomi's only 11 months anyway, and my husband is normally home when I am getting tea, so he occupies her so I don't have to have her underfoot, but thanks for the advice anyway....I'll store it away for the time when I'm bound to need it....she gets into everything else already, so I'm sure she'll soon be interested to watch to see if she can learn to cook also. smile

Thanks again,
Hi Georgina and Tepe,

I've recently started sitting my 16 month old in the high chair to watch me prepare food and cook it. She loves it... and anything that is safe to eat raw, like a bit of carrot, I will give her a taste... so far it has been a success. I also tell her the names of all the foods and their colours and I think soon enough she will be telling me what I am cooking.

All of your tips have been great and I have adapted them to suit my 16 month old. I too can't wait to start doing some cooking with my daughter!

Happy times in the kitchen with your toddlers!

Michelle smile

Hi Michelle and Georgina,

Well i must say that my daughter has learnt so much from watching me cook. We now go shopping and there isn't much she doesn't know in the fruit and veg area. Not to mention, she will now try almost anything (most times she doesn't like, but at least she will try!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hello Tepe , Michelle and Georgina - There was an article last week in our Sunday papers about this subject ie having children watching us cook/helping in the kitchen.
It said that Nutritionists say that best way to inspire children to eat well is to teach them to love food. It then stated an interview with Donna Hay the author of many cook books. This month she has published a magazine which is kids only. She decided to do this after having her own child and receiving hundreds of emails from children asking about recipes. The magazine is totally dedicated to children and cooking and encourages parents and their kids to enjoy the process of preparing and eating food for all occasions. Donna says " Cooking is a fantastic activity for kids of all ages. It is creative and easy. It's also a nice way for parents to spend time with their children. Kids often respond well to eating food that they have also had a hand in preparing."

I thought it was funny how you guys are talking about this and then I find this same subject in the paper.

I found the magazine in a newsagency and it cost $8.95. It is really for the older children say 3 - 4 up but it has some great ideas for food you can use from around 1 year of age. Donna does has a web site or email

Happy cooking!!!
Hi Janeen,

Thanks for the information I think I will go and have a look for that magazine too. At least us mum's are hopefully on the right track? That's a good sign...

How has Caleb been with his meals? My daughter has been really good lately (touch wood) maybe its the cooler weather too? I have a better appetitie when it is cooler.

Hope all the other mums are finding it easier at meal times too.

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