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  5. Does anyone else have a screaming match with there 20month old just about every meal time?

Does anyone else have a screaming match with there 20month old just about every meal time? Lock Rss

hi Janeen,

Thanks for that bit of info, as Michelle said at least we know that we are on the right track.

My daughter wanted to try onion today, and as you can imagine, she wasn't to fussed about it. At least she knows now, hopefully the sausage rolls i put it into she will like.

I have now cut down to 50% tinned food for her lunch, so i feel i am on the right track,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hello Michelle and Tepe. I forgot to mention the magazine is thick more like one of the Women's Weekly cook books you can buy. It is a very pretty light blue with a young girl on the front wearing a pink jumper . It is called - kids issue. I bought one as I thought it was great. Not to mention like all things if you dont get one when you see it, later on when you want one you cant find it!

Michelle thanks for asking about Caleb. He is doing ok. We are still just offering the buffet type thing and he eats what he wants. He use to eat a huge amount but now he just seems to graze. He doesnt want to eat any vegies so I am going to get him some vitamins to take. We are off to the shops today for inspiration for food ideas for him. If he had his way he would be eating his "bickies" all day. He drives us nuts asking for them over and over again. We dont mind him having them but not for breakfast, lunch and tea.

So glad to hear Maddy has been a good girl, she sounds like such a cutie!! Yes - the weather has finally cooled down but I guess in no time I will be wishing for the heat again.............just not the 42 degree record temps we had.

As you said it certainly seems like we are on the right track. Its so good we have each other to bounce ideas off. Thanks again everyone for your help and advice.

I better be off Caleb has managed to pull out just about every tissue from the brand new tissue you just have to love them!!

Have fun!
Hi me again (carrot dipping suggestion)
Letting you know the saying goodbye to food sort of worked - but have stumbled across a new idea that got my daughter 2 to eat some peas and roast meat and spagetti (a great meal for her!!!)

I gave her a drawing book and a sheet of stickers next to her plate. Sat next to her and let her put a sticker on each time ate something on her plate. This worked - I think it took her mind off what was in her mouth - I have found with my 1 year old distraction is the best way to get him to eat too - although he is a much better eater.

Anyway not sure if this helps - maybe some playdoh or something else to play with while their eating.

I think for my daughter it was attention she needed - the sitting next to her and giving her stickers was a winner.



Hi Leisa,

I agree with the distraction concept. My daughter almost 17 months now will eat all of her breakfast without a thought if I put her Hi-5 DVD on to watch while she is eating... I am sure there are mum's out there who would think it is a bad idea, but at least I can run around and make the beds and have breakfast myself, while she is happy in her high chair! Lunch and dinner is different though, we sit at the table and try to eat together.

When my daughter is a bit older I am going to try the stickers idea too.


Hi Janeen,

Just wanted to let you know i spent the morning looking for that Donna Hay book with my sister. SOLD OUT everywhere, all the newsagencies said they had, had several deliveries but they keep selling out. It must be a good book....i hope i can get my hands on one soon! Next week they kept telling me, so cross your fingers for me!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hey Tepe, if you cant find a copy you could try the web site or email as you may be able to order a copy with a credit card? Just a thought. I must admit I did get my early as I saw the article in the newspaper. The first newsagency I tried didnt even know what I was talking about. My husband just said that perhaps the library may even have a copy if you just what to check it out.
I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you, I also just let Caleb know so he will do the same!!

On the food front I have found Caleb really loves sweet potato chips. He loves the normal potato hot chips but my mum suggested to try the sweet potato as a different taste and it worked!!.
Hi again,

Well my sister got a copy in her area, and she is very happy smile . Just got to get my turn now wink

Thanks again for your help,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Everyone,
I have a 26month old daughter going through similar problems. She loves her dry savoury biscuits and could eat them b/fast lunch and dinner. Vegies .... forget about them... even pureed and mixed in with food that she likes. She has such a sensitive taste that she can pick it right away and refuses to eat or picks it out of her mouth. Meat... i have the same issues... especially chicken and mince.... she can pick it a mile away. Her diet is cornflakes (dry), pasta with red sauce and parmesan, heinz can savoury rice and beef only, soup (in clear broth), egg yolk (only), bread, bread and bread, and apples. She lives on Milk... her poos are like baby poos... yellow and runny which really upsets me. She would rather have a piece of plain bread than a doughnut, hamburger or fries!!! I have cut down her milk and let her go hungy which is why she now eats apple (Finally got fruit down her!!). Cutting down her milk (from 2 full bottles to two half bottles) was the best thing i have done so far. I found that she refused to eat because she knew that her milk was coming... not anymore. She is not underweight but i am worried about her health and nutrition for her future. I have tried to let her help me in the kitchen which she really enjoys, but she won't eat the food regardless. I also try to make interesting things with faces and funny shapes but still no go. She'll try it cause it looks like fun but for some reason will refuse to eat the rest. I spoke with a nutritionist on 3AW (Karen Inge) and she suggested putting all food on a platter (including your own) and everybody pick out of it, and not to make a fuss.... I have made progress as she does reach out for the food and put it in her mouth, but that is where it ends, she spits it right out!

Its like the texture of the food is a problem rather than the taste. I don't know what i can do about that. What gets me is that she used to be such a fantastic eater and it is progressively getting worse. She would eat chopped vegies, then i had to grate, then puree, now zilch!
Any suggestions?

I guess that at this stage, i just have to persist and she will eventually eat the right foods.. i know that she won't starve but i have to be strong. I liked all the suggestions... especially the one about kissing the food good bye... i am going to try that for sure... hopefully it works.

Sandra, Vic

Hi Sandra,

After reading your story, I felt the need to reply and try to help you. I really feel for you! I have been pretty lucky with my now 17 month old daughter, she loves her vegies and fruit and cheese and yoghurt too. She's not so keen on bread or meats, but will give them a go when she feels like it. Things started to go backwards for us recently when my daughter kept refusing breakfast, as a result the rest of the days eating was pretty poor. I have since cut out her first thing in the morning bottle of 200mls of milk. Instead my daughter now gets this bottle for morning tea after she eats all of her breakfast. For example, today she had a slice of toast with vegemite and a tub of yoghurt. Then at morning tea she had her bottle of milk and an oatmeal biscuit. My GP advised that if eating becomes poor cut back on the liquids, while milk is important you can get dairy into your child in other forms if they will eat them, such as cheese and yoghurt. If you are really concerned you can give your daughter milk with the toddler formulas which contain iron and minerals to make up for what your child is missing out on. I use S-26 Toddler with my daughter in her morning and night time bottles. You could also try adding a little milo to you daughter's milk it contains iron and minerals too. Failing all that you can get vitamins for toddlers in a liquid or tablet form (the one I am familiar with is called Pentavite). All you can really do is try lots of different foods with your daughter and like you said persistance will pay off eventually. (One other tip is my daughter refuses to be spoon fed... she will eat if she can feed herself, so I cut vegies and meat and cheese into bite size peices and put them onto her highchair tray to feed herself.) I don't make a fuss or get upset in front of her if she doesn't eat either... I don't want her to pick up on any negative vibes in relation to foods and eating.

I really wish you the very best of luck as you battle through this difficult stage with your daughter, and I hope I was able to offer you a little help.


Michelle smile
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