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trouble with fluids Lock Rss

I dont know what else to try!

My one year old daughter is fine having bottles of formula, but try to put juice or water in a bottle or cup and she just won't touch it. I'm worried that this lack of fluids is going to harm her and cause problems, but don't have any ideas of how else to get her to have more fluids.

Have any other parents had this problem? If so, what did you do to encourage your child to drink more?

Abby, SA, 1 yr old daughter

when my son was at that age, he had the same problem. i decided to make a glass of water for myself and drink it he then decided to drink out of it too. Then i bought a cup with a straw and uses that

nicole,Qld,2yr boy

Yes my boy who is now 2 1/2 was the same I really felt bad particularly in the heat of summer but he just wouldn't have a bar of it. Formula is still fluids so don't worry about that and he started the same way at first taking a sip out of our glasses and then eventually would drink out of a pidgeon straw cup. It was ages before he took to a sipper cup he was over 18mths. He took to juice first just the really watered down stuff but I think it had enough flavour to make it taste good. Now he drinks just about anything out of just about anything. Try not to worry she will get there and as long as she isn't suffering from bad constipation ect she is obviously getting enough in the fluids dept. Of course this is just my opinion and good luck.
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