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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

Hey kitty, thanks for the congrats smile

Glad you are feeling better and Eva is coping well with the drop in BF's. Stay strong and proud that you have done the best for her!
My update is: feeding is pretty rubbish at the moment. This is seriously so much more challenging than the early days....
I am 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow and dd (23months) is sucking so hard that it feels like my boob is bruising from the inside out. One of them has been out of action since yesterday. Last week, I threw up if my tshirt touched the boob that she fed off in an awkward position... She is drinking for 3 hour blocks at night and keeps swapping sides. Frustrating!! During the day its not too bad, but she drinks as much as a young baby!! I am assuming it is all because my supply is dropping a little, but I can still express milk whenever and I still see a little milk on her mouth when she drinks, so not sure how much its dropped or if it has at all.....
vent over........

(did you hear the whooshing sound!!)
Wow, I have only just found this thread. I am feeding my 15 month old DS. I would like to wean in the next few months. I hve just taken his dummy away so can't take his "milkies" away too.

He only has one feed a day and he only drinks from the left boob smile

Mum of three amazing people

Well we are still bf, just. LOL I have to say that I am feeling pretty down about the whole thing, even though I am trying to stay relaxed about it too. He didn't have any boob juice yesterday, and he has days like that, but he has just learned to walk so I am wondering if that has something to do with it too. Can you tell I am grasping at straws? LOL

I savour every feed now, and as he's supposed to be my last baby I guess that makes it all the harder to accept. I hopefully we will still be feeding in a month's time, but not holding my breath. wink]


Hi Christina,

How old is Alex now, I think He's a little bit older than Harrison, who will be 16 months old on the 24th of May.

Harry is my last baby too and somehow I am not sad about the weaning process......I feel I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for years smile
and I'm looking forward to the next season in our lives. Harry did demand his milkies tonight and seemed to sit there for ages, was very special and cuddly.

Mum of three amazing people

He is 19 months on the 22nd; not sure where all that time has gone. LOL

Wanna swap? LOL Just kidding...................I have done double the time I did with DS1 (after all the drama we had with it) so really proud, but I'm still not ready. Guess we'll see where we go from here.....just wish I'd be the one to want to stop before one of them did, then I wouldn't feel so selfish.

Right, I am off to bed, it's been a long day.

Happy bf (or weaning if that is what you are doing) ladies. smile]


Well we are now on day 4 of flat out breast refusal and I am feeling pretty sh1t about the whole thing. I know that I should be happy because that means that he's made the decision (possibly) and that he doesn't need it anymore but what about me? LOL Maybe I am just being selfish?

He's come on leaps and bounds recently; he's finally walking by himself, talking up a storm and generally he's got lots going on and though I don't want to "baby" him forever I thought that I'd have a bit more time to come to grips with it....even if this has been going on for months now.

I have tried all the usual "fixes" and nothing seems to be working. Not sure anyone can help but have any of you had a toddler start refusing and got them back to the breast or was that it? Should have seen it coming I guess as it is exactly what DS1 did even though I handled it all wrong then and he was much younger.

Help, sympathy, time machine? LOL


I am not sure lovey.....

Huge hugs though and I hope that it works out.
If he has weaned though, some kids wean earlier then others and thats ok too! That means he had bm for as long as he wanted it. It is nothing you have done.... you have done a brilliant job! I would just keep offering and you never know, he may turn around and want it again. Might need to express to keep supply going though...... have you got a nursing mothers type shindig where you can get advice?
I know, I just feel so "let down" (pardon the pun)about the whole thing....I just had visions of not weaning yet and the reality has come and smacked me in the face. LOL I know there are no "guarantees" and that kids do stuff when you least expect it and maybe not when you want but it still hurts and I guess it also feels a bit like a rejection, even though I know it's not. He's also very daddy focused at the moment, which I suppose is only fair. LOL

I did pump the other morning, not that it did me much good. LOL I did't get let-down and I got 10ml if I was lucky......trying to decide where to go from here. Nope, just had one a couple of weeks ago and not another due for another 3 weeks yet.............we'll just see how we go. I know that sudden refusal like that is usually a strike and they can last a while, but I am not convinced that's what is happening.

Anyone else?

Well we are on day 7 and if I am honest I am of the mind, as much as it's hard to admit, that he is weaned and that's the end of it and rather than prolong the pain (mine obviously because he's seemingly could care less one way or the other) I'm just going to have to let it go.

I think I will go drown my sorrows in a cuppa and a giant bag of M&Ms (blue ones, kinda appropriate) and a bottle of Baileys at the weekend if I can find one. LOL

Happy journey and who knows, maybe one day I'll be back. LOL

Enjoy your mmms!! You are a brilliant mother!!
15 month old and he bites with his 5 teeth some times but his smile worth it.
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