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Extended Breastfeeding Mums..... Lock Rss

Kitty, I have only just seen this!! I hope that you are both doing ok now.
I am still breastfeeding my 11 mth old and constantly get comments. She was in a brace for 12 weeks then had spinal surgery at 41/2 mths so breastfeeding has been very difficult at times but I have persisted. After surgery she had to lay flat for 48 hours so I had to climb on a chair and lean over her to feed. It has been well worth it. I had surgery myself a few months back and people said I had to put her on a bottle but the hospital said she could stay in with me as long as my husband was in as well. My husband realised what a comfort it was to her when she had an MRI recently. She had to have a general and when she came around and they brought her back to the day surgery ward instead of waiting for a bottle like other babies I instantly feed her and it calmed her down and comforted her straight away. We have also just found out she is allergic to milk so I have cut all milk out of her diet and mine and she is so much happier - she is also allergic to soy so when people comment that I am still feeding her I ask them if I wasn't breastfeeding her what would I give her - Nothing? Yes she can have a calcium supplement but how do you replace the milk. To just take it away from her would be very unfair and unsettling and she has already been through enough. I will breastfeed as long as she needs it and I don't care what other people think anymore. What's most important is what is best for her - not what other people think.


I so wish I'd known about this thread when I was still BF DS, we finished about 2 months ago at 17 mos, he was ready, I was ready and I was expecting number #2. Hopefully this bubba will love "boobaa" just as much as their brother did,

take care,


Hi there

This might be the wrong spot for my post, but thought I'd ask you lovely mums for some help. I'm still feeding my DD who is 22 months. I'm starting to think it's time to stop though, but I have no idea how to do it!! It's mostly her feed before bed that's causing a problem (as she mucks around and feeds for ages so she doesn't have to go to sleep). She also asks for milk regularly during the day. So I'm feeling nervous about stopping as I think she'll be quite distressed.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make it a bit easier?

Thanks heaps,
leah smile
If she is mucking around then I would stop feeding as soon as she starts mucking around. I usually say "can you stop please, its hurting" (or whatever the situation) and stick my finger in. I then tell her that she has to drink properly.
My dd was feeding a lot at night and my midwife gave me great advice. (my dd was 2) she told me just to ask her to stop. By talking to her and explaining that night time is for sleeping dd stopped feeding really quickly. I feed her at night still if she needs it (distressed etc) but not if she wakes for it and I can talk her out of it! The feed before bed, I feed her for about 5 mins and then I ask her to hop off and I offer her special water bottle. (one of those big cups with a sippy top and no handles) She just has a bit of water and goes to sleep on that instead. I didn't do the whole refusing, I just took it slow and if she really needed milk, I fed her.
She is still fed on demand during the day (27 months), but at night I was trying to curb it as we have another one due in nov and I don't want to feed 2 at night regularly.
All the best!
I'm trying to wean but my DD is allergic to milk so we are giving her soy. I enjoy feeding her but I am pregnant again and don't really want to end up feeding 2 at once. She has just turned 1 and although was going well with the soy but still having 3 breastfeeds a day has now seemed to work out we are weaning her and is only drinking 30ml of soy and waking more often in the night wanting breastfeeds. Because of her allergy I can't have dairy either and it would be nice to be able to have some milk again. Not sure what else to try - just keep working on the soy.


I'll feeling a bit sad, I think DS (16 and a bit months) is self-weaning, which is what I wanted but now it might be happening, I'm NOT ready sad

He has refused both feeds today, he's never done that before, everynow and again he'll not want one, but never both. He often has 3 feeds on the weekend, but nothing today. Each time I've offered he's latched on, had two sucks then pulled away. He'll even then latch on the other side and pull away again.

Just two days ago he was latching on very aggressively. And only this week he's actually started to say "booooob" (he's not much of a talker yet - strong silent type LOL) and pull my shirt up for a look and a play. Last week he also had what DH described as a "super-marathon bedtime feed" (I didn't know it was so long, I was asleep on and off during it).

Just grasping at straws here - but could the taste have changed? I'm ttc and my cycle has only recently returned. I've heard af can change the taste, he seemed ok last time, but she's due again soon.

Ok, I've rambled on long enough, just feeling a bit rejected. Probably for the best, I don't think tandem feeding would work for me with one dicky boob smile

Thanks Kitty and funny you should mention pregnancy. I just this morning got a faint BFP!

DS did have a feed this morning - only about 10 minutes, but he only stopped because he sneezed and snot went everywhere. Thanks to daycare he just goes from one cold to the next, I can't remember what he looks like without the snot.

So maybe that explains it, hopefully we are back on track.

And well done tandem feeding with your dicky boob!

Thanks Kitty.

I was extra happy this morning a bfp and my little man had a bf. But he's refused again tonight. He's getting a horrible cough and pretty much refused to eat dinner too. So I'll just keep offering and see how we go.

Hi all,

Well we had an "interesting" day yesterday. Alex has been weaned for going on 4 months, but since this time he has had this mad fascination with my breasts. LOL

Yesterday, he was pulling at my top, which he has still been doing for nearly 4 months now, then pulling at my bra to get breasts nothing new there BUT he decided that he had to actually put one in his mouth! hehehehehe

Now trying not to get excited because I don't for one minute think he wants boob any more, but I just found it interesting so wanted to share. smile] He didn't suck or anything and looked a bit confused by it all to be honest but I just thought it was an "odd" thing to do after he weaned himself 4 months ago.

Hey all
I just found this. I fed my DS for 22 months and I miss it most days. Even thou we stopped last aug. Wow so a year ago. I stopped cos I got to the point where it was enough for me and I was proud that I had feed him that long. WIth our first i fed her for 3 weeks due to PND and me just not being well. sad So 2nd time around was determined. This time Im hoping to make it to two, maybe more. smile
Congrats on your pregnancy Froggi! smile
James Mum: My DS does similar things. Always has his hands on them or down my top. It is a bit embarrasing sometimes has even done it in the supermarket. smile
Well take care!

Hey beautiful caitlin - congrats on feeding your DS for 22 months and on your pregnancy. Unfortunately mine turned out to be a chemical preg, so I am back to ttc sad

But my DS is happily feeding again smile So he's been having his "boooob" for 17.5 months now. He constantly has his hand down my top and is pulling the neck of my top down in public. He won't be happy till everyone has seen mummy's boobs!

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